December 06, 2019

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Saturday, 18 May 2013 17:56

Eurovision 2013: Italy Tops Escflashmalta Poll

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The editorial team of has somewhat been busy with bringing you the latest news from the world of the Eurovision Song Contest in recent days whilst also letting you select your favourite entries in both semi-finals as well as selecting the best song in the final. At the end of the voting for the final, the decision was unanimous and the favourite for victory was none other than Italy whose entry L'Essenziale performed by Marco Mengoni will definitely be scoring high with both the Maltese Jury and Tele-Vote if past voting patterns are anything to go by. More than 500 unique votes in just a couple of hours made such a selection although thousands had correctly predicted seven (7) and eight (8) out of ten (10) qualifiers during the semi-final stage.

L'Essenziale, co-written by Marco Mengoni, Roberto Caslino and Francesco de Benedettis is one of the most successful entries in this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest having peaked at number #1 in Italy for more than two months whilst also entering the charts in Belgium and Switzerland. Following his victory at the Sanremo competition, Mengoni saw the heights of his profile rise to the extent of a superstar by appearing on several A-List shows and private events apart from making the cover of every magazine possible.  The song, a typical Italian ballad will have surely scored a lot of points with the jury noting that back in 2011, it was Italy who had won the Jury Vote when represented by Raphael Gualazzi and his entry Madness of Love (Follia D'Amore).

  • 1st: Italy
  • 2nd: Romania
  • 3rd: Malta
  • 4th: Hungary
  • 5th: Denmark

Many will surely be surprised at the top five of the poll even though the numbers clearly deteriorate towards the end with the bulk picked up mostly by the top three as is to be expected when the poll is open for just a couple of hours. Romania who are being represented by Cezar and his entry It's My Life are somewhat a strange selection for the second place although it is rather well known that they will do much better than expected and most likely score mid-table this evening. In third place comes Gianluca whose smile has changed the perception of many. Tomorrow co-written by Dean Muscat and Boris Cezek seems highly placed to get the nations' best result from comments by the foreign media and many do hope for the best. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.