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Monday, 13 May 2013 14:45

Eurovision 2013: First Dress Rehearsal (SF 1) - LIVE

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Good Afternoon! SVT, the host broadcaster of this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest hosted all of the delegations present to an official welcome party last night where artists had the opportunity to meet their fans whilst wearing formal attire and strutting on the red carpet. This is an extremely important day considering that there will be two dress rehearsals taking place, the first one one commencing at 17:00 CET and set to run until at least 19:00 CET, bearing in mind that everything goes as supposedly. This will be important for the artists and their respective delegations in preparation for the evening dress rehearsal commencing at 21:00 CET which will be voted upon by the juries in the sixteen participating nations as well as Sweden, the United Kingdom and Italy. in collaboration with Eurovision Ireland, escXtra and Radio International are bringing you all of the latest from the rehearsals. thanks to Juergen Boernig, the Head of Press is currently also processing a couple of video interviews with artists who will be representing their country at the Eurovision Song Contest. As a matter of fact, stay tuned on our YouTube Page for all of the latest. In the meantime, you may also have a look at our photo gallery whilst staying up to date through both our pages on Facebook and Twitter. Coverage of the first semi-final tomorrow eveing will be led by Emil Calleja Bayliss, Head of Communications for, Claudia Faniello who is a two time first runner-up at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest as well as Simon Casey, former runner-up in the You're a Star competition in Ireland who has sold hundreds and thousands of records during his time with Universal Music Ireland. The clips present in this article are the ones from the second technical rehearsals last week.


Euphoria, winning entry of last years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is seemingly being transported across the continent in the opening sketch which is being shown by the broadcaster. Suddenly, we're in the inside of the arena, and there are a number of children on stage who are set to perform the song with Loreen set to follow in a couple of minutes. This is a brilliant verson of the song and was seen during the Melodifestivalen Final. It was well received and indeed, the people across Europe will enjoy it. Petra Mede is on stage following the performance and indeed, it seems that she has decided to go without any make-up on apart from the fact that she wearing what seems to be an extremely weird costume.


Natalia Kelly is clad in a white top and silvery trousers. She is clearly a stunning vocalist and the fact that she has been put on first is actually quite important because it seems that the public is warming up to it. There is a mixed reaction for this one from both the fans and the media because she has been performing it well. She is joined on stage by a number of backing vocalists who are also having a strong performance. At the moment, I just cannot see Austria getting through to the final unfortunately being unsuccessful for the second year running.


Stunning! It starts off in a very monochrome sort of effect with the idea that this is back into the sixties especially due to the fact that it is in black and white. She is clad in a white outfit is attributed to her pregnancy extremely well. The vocals are just amazing this afternoon and I just cannot help think that this will surprise many by virtue of qualifying. The male backing vocalists are enjoying themselves and are performing brilliantly. The song is a bit bland but she definitely pushes it up the rankings system.


Hannah Mancini was selected internally for this years' competition and it seems that the choice is somewhat received in a mixed manner. This is an extremely difficult song and she definitely cannot sing and dance at the same time. I have no clue how the juries will be ranking this tonight but nevertheless, this has to be one of the better performances from Hannah. Straight Into Love has an amazing choreography and this is coming across brilliantly on screens. Visually appealing but vocally disappointing especially towards the end of the performance and the bridge where she completely goes off key and shouts her way.


Klapa s Mora are the next act on stage and they are wearing traditional costumes which they have already stated to be outfits worn by Knights in Croatia. Another internal choice from the Balkan nation and this is definitely standing out after Slovenia. The vocals are strong and they cannot be overlooked by the juries this evening but I am not sure that the public will enjoy this as much especially after listening to Slovenia's last part of the song which was completely off key. Croatia are the dark horse and remain a marginal qualifier, especially if they managed to collect points from all across the balkan region if predicted.


Emmelie de Forest is still the outright favourite to triumph in this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest and as a matter of fact, she is clearly enjoying the status. Clad in a white flowing dress, she has decided to thump down the wind machine effect in order to have hair going everywhere during the performance. The vocals are really strong this afternoon and this is definitely making it through to the Saturday final and could very much finish in the top three but I am still not convinced that this will be the winner for some reason. It could be that I never really got into the full element of liking the song all that much.


Dina Garipova, winner of The Voice of Russia was clearly a smart choice especially considering the amount of votes that she received in the talent show. She has astonishing vocal capabilities which somewhat resemble the ones that Chiara, three time Eurovision Song Contest representative for Malta has. Dina is still wearing the pink/salmon lace embroidered outfit. Male and female backing vocalists all round to create a choir effect. This is really looking good on screens although, one has to denote that the meaning behind the use of the balls on stage is pretty much mis-understood.


A major prop from this performance is definitely the giant who is walking onto the stage with Zlata Ognevich in his arms. The female artist is joined on stage by two female and two male backing vocalists and this is actually looking pretty slick on cameras. This was definitely a wise decision in terms of attire, as she is wearing the white tight dress seen during the first technical rehearsal. I must say tthat this is sounding the best that it has been thus far. The higher vocal register sounds incredible and Ukraine is really giving me shivers this afternoon. Well Done! This could be the winner tomorrow night unless the giant completely ruins the performance in the eyes of the public.

The Netherlands

Anouk, a true star from the music industry is taking to the stage for The Netherlands. She is wearing extremely casual clothing with a dark top and jeans which adds to the idea of an intimate performance. Anouk is a strong vocalist although this is not the best of performances in my opinion but it is definitely getting better. She is joined on stage by three backing vocalists, two of which are female and another one which is male. The bridge is absolutely wonderful and the majesticism of the music is wonderful. This is sailing through to the finals based on the votes of the juries and a decent tele-voting tomorrow night.


This has to be the first up-tempo song in an extremely long time. The running order has been adapted well to help Montenegro stand out and most likely see them through to the final for the very first time. The whole performance is definitely bordering on crazy but nevertheless, it does look visually amazing on screen. The fact of the matter remains that should there have been more up-tempo numbers in the competition. Nina Zizic is the best thing about the song in my opinion as she has attributed strong vocals to the songs. The rappers are wearing astronaut outfits and have a tendency to emerge out of the smoke. This is sounding really good!


Andrius Pojavis is in relatively casual clothing for this performance. This is one of the songs which will definitely not qualify for the final and is just making up for the numbers in the competition. Despite saying that, my foot is thumping along with it because it is slightly catchy but the draw is not helping and the fact that it is competing in the strong semi-final, isn't either. There are four backing vocalists who are somewhat choreographed. The vocals are really shaky this afternoon and it seems that he completely lost it. This is definitely bordering on the possibility of reaching last place unfortunately.


Alyona Lanskaya is nowhere to be seen but nevertheless, as soon as a disco ball is pushed onto the stage, she comes out of it and is set to give the audience the show of a lifetime especially following Lithuania which has not been receiving outstanding comments. The delegation has really put in a lot of effort for the performance and as a matter of fact, the choreography is coming across brilliantly from a visual perspective. Alyona is enjoying the performance and it seems that she will most likely be taking Belarus through to the final for the third year. At the end of the performance, there are pyros.


Aliona Moon was the favourite to represent Moldova during the national final especially having been a backing vocalist for Pasha Parfeny at last years' Eurovision Song Contest. The female artist is wearing a huge dress which changes colour according to the backdrop. This is actually one of the most intriguing performances on stage because she is coming across as extremely professional and living up to the artistry of the song itself. The vocals are relatively strong although one could easily note that she is holding back for the performance this evening which we remind you will be in front on the juries. Moldova will also be getting through though.


The stage is relatively dark in this performance noting that the backdrop being used is made up of symbols which correspond to Gaelic traditions. Ryan also keeps to the element of the song, one which is casual and fun at the very same time. The female vocalists are somewhat finding it difficult to stay in line with the track and it seems that this is an annual problem for Ireland. The vocal performance from Ryan is actually good considering that it has been having mixed reaction in recent days. I still believe that the uptempo track will get through to the final and continue the recent success of Ireland.


Despina Olympiou is kicking off this performance in acapella form and sounds on form during the first dress rehearsal. She is wearing a long nude dress with black lace embodied around it. This is coming across as absolutely beautiful both in terms of vocals and presentation but one can also note that Despina is keeping back a tad slightly for tonight. Many people have discounted Cyprus across the past couple of months but nevertheless, I am almost sure that this will be picking up enough jury votes to get through to the final. The tele-voting could be detrimental but it should be mid-table on that count. Beautiful!


Roberto Bellarosa was winner of The Voice of Belgium and I just cannot understand how that actually took place considering that the vocals are extremely disappointing especially when it comes to performing in English. Love Kills is a pop-infused entry which is getting applause today and that is because this has to be the best rehearsal thus far. I think this is very much a marginal qualifier and could make it through pertaining to how excited Roberto is on the night of the semi-final, tomorrow.


Moje 3 will be the final act on stage tomorrow night and one cannot help but sing along to this track for the simple reason that it is extremely fun and catchy. The three ladies, all equally beautiful are enjoying this performance and the vocals have definitely continue to improve this afternoon. Serbia have an almost perfect record and this is definitely making it through to the final where they will most likely be managing a mid-table performance. This is definitely a strong end to the semi-final though and the audience in the hall is definitely loving it.

The Show (Part 2)

The performances have officially come to an end, and Petra Mede is on stage to introduce the tele-voting portion of the competition which will amounting to 50% of the final result. The recap is kept in a standard format and it seems that the graphics are quite intriguing. Petra Mede is back on stage and she is hosting in English and French apart from throwing in a couple of Swedish phrases. It seems that the tele-voting time is going to close early for this afternoon and that means that the mock qualifers will be revealed releatively quickly. Before that though, there seem to be a couple of features supporting the Eurovision Song Contest. In the interval act, there is a sketch with Petra Mede included in all historic features as well as music which is performed through the medium of dance.

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