September 23, 2019

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Saturday, 02 February 2013 03:10

MESC 2013: 16 Qualifiers and a Semi-Final Analysis

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Another year passed and another semi-final took place with loads of surprises in store for all those following the show in Malta. Everyone had been expecting a top notch show on the night having some of the best technical crew the local contest has ever seen and with twenty-four entries regarded as some of the best songs Malta has ever had in a selection you would have thought that things were too good to be true but up until the final rehearsal everything ran smoothly. 


Kurt was this year’s opening act and although we barely got to see him on stage as there was a clip showing his adventure that led to Baku, it was done and presented well, with Kurt closing the last part of the song on stage with the audience clapping along.The preview cards before each song were done intelligently and it subtly promoted the programmes on TVM – something which proved to be quite a hit with the audience and the viewers at home. They were totally different to what we see each year and this was one of the highlights of the show.

The problems apparently started from the beginning of the show as a number of viewers contacted to say that both the presenters and also the songs were experiencing problems in regards to the sound and the picture on screen. This thankfully got better as the show went on but the first few songs were the ones that suffered the most.  Anton Attard, the Chied Execitive Officer of the Public Broadcasting Services and the man behind the festival started the press conference just after the show by remarking that the issue was addressed and solved after the first few songs.

Another thing that put people off, both the ones in the audience and the ones at home was the actual length of the show which at some points it seemed a little bit outstretched. Many remarked that there were far too many breaks whilst the foreigners were shocked that in order for Malta to eliminate eight songs they have to hold a never ending semi-final. The fact that the show was hampered by technical glitches didn’t help matters as the viewers’ frustration increased.

Thankfully the presenters kept the show light and made their best to entertain the audience and the viewers at home – this was surely a daunting task considering that the show ran for around four hours. The fact that there is an election round the corner made it easy to have light hearted jokes throughout. Comedians Gordon Bonello and Rodney Gauci proved to be a hit whilst Elaine Saliba carried the show with her charm. She looked more at ease than last year and she proved to be quite the expert as Gordon remarked - even their outfits proved to be a hit and they didn’t cause the stir they did last year.

The interval acts included the Maltese representatives at the 1994 Eurovision Chris & Moira and Alex Alden were good and if the show was not that long, a lot of people would have enjoyed their performances more. By the end of the show, just before the results were announced everyone was eager on heading home. The music before the results did create tension but a lot of people thought it was far too long as they should have gotten over and done with it.

The results themselves proved to be surprising with some songs which weren’t really expected to make it qualified whilst others who had received quite positive acclaim before failed to make the cut on the night. One can note that the dance tracks were all left out and mostly the jury went for mid-tempo songs alongside with a number of ballads. The biggest shocker of the night was Klinsmann who despite presenting one of the best songs he ever presented and giving a strong performance he still failed to make the cut – many saw him as a definite qualifier and a contender for the top of the leader board.

Other singers like Petra and Franklin gave the performances of their life but they were simple not good enough for the jury tonight. Ylenia, Melanie and Raquela performed well too but their dance tracks would have surely been compared to last year’s winner so the jury thought this was not the way to go. Danica was spot on, when vocals were concerned but the song seemed to lack that magic spark whilst Marilena and her track Overrated didn’t cause a stir and the whole act looked somewhat dismal in comparison to the rest.

Well, like any other contest, the semi-final proved to be eventful with plenty of surprises and unfortunately a number of negative aspects – although one can be rest assured that the Public Broadcasting Services are doing their best to ensure that tomorrow’s final will be extremely good – their aim is one – giving Malta and the Maltese the best final ever. Let’s just take today’s performance as a dress rehearsal and hope that just like any other production when the dress rehearsal is weak, the final productions proves to be  a huge success. Until tonight…


Last modified on Saturday, 02 February 2013 09:46