January 19, 2020

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013 03:37

MESC 2013: Reviewing the track 'The Remedy'

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Music is a universal language through which communication can take place between people of all nations and as a matter of fact, the original idea of the European Broadcasting Union was to unite the continent through the medium of song. The competition which began in Lugano, Switzerland back in 1956 was proudly built on the confines of the still existent Sanremo festival and both have thrived and undergone progress despite the latter somewhat keeping in line with more original traditions. The Malta Eurovision Song Contest on the other hand has also been evolving in the past couple of years and it has truly become a stunning showcase of local talent with performers from both leading circuits of the country. The Public Broadcasting Services is promoting all of the twenty-four entries through radio and television but escflashmalta.com are also conducting their own form of promotion with international critics having a listen to each of the tracks and letting the people know their opinion. The eventual winner as per a vote in Eurovision format will be given an award during Sas-Sitta on NET Television during the telecast taking place on the 9th February. The next entry to be reviewed is entitled The Remedy, composed by Magnus Kaxe and Philip Vella to the lyrics of Gerard James Borg with vocals provided by Klinsmann

Klinsmann is one of the veteran performers in the competition despite being relatively young in terms of age and this is due to the fact that he has managed to make the finals of every edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest since 2007 with the results varying and the genre developing and maturing. In the beginning, it was all about pop/rock with the tracks presented in the vein of McFly and Busted but suddenly, there was a change, a positive one indeed when he came out on stage with his best friend, Benjamin Darmanin and performed an acoustic type of song with complete basis on guitars and vocals. His best result still came during his inaugural performance with his entry She Gives Me Wings composed by Mark Spiteri Lucas and penned by Rita Pace finishing in third place but nevertheless, the song presented in 2010 entitled This Love composed by Klinsmann himself to the lyrics of Jonathan C Spiteri was the second best result in seventh place. In recent months, Klinsmann joined as the lead vocalist of the band, Planet Seed who have been nominated for Best Newcomers at the Bay Music Awards and the Malta Music Awards respectively. Their debut material has done incredibly well on radio and therefore, it goes to show that success comes in small ounces and at different stages of life.


Entering the 2013 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, following a disappointing result achieved last year, Klinsmann needed to be different and fresh to the audience once more and it seems that this is somewhat the case according to the international audience who has been keeping an eye on the proceedings. The track that he is presenting entitled The Remedy is predominantly pop/rock but nevertheless, the thumping elements throughout give it that arena feel and with the right lighting and setting could definitely work in a large venue. Klinsmann on the other hand is going for a very relaxing look and this very much suits him. Three songwriters are contributing to this track including composers; Philip Vella and Magnus Kaxe who are working together for the very first time and have managed to qualify with two entries. It is worth noting that their pedigree is strong noting that Philip has produced and co-written some for some of the most notable names in the local industry including Ira Losco, Lawrence Gray, Annabelle Debono and Claudia Faniello whilst Magnus Kaxe has been involved in some stunning productions including those of Aqua, Westlife and Celine Dion. The lyrics are penned by Gerard James Borg, the most successful lyricist in Malta who has worked with songwriters from all over Europe and has hit tracks in Iceland, Norway, Sweden and The Netherlands.

The Critics Speak Out

Rating: 70%

Sharon Vaughn: Despite the fact that the vocals are strong, Klinsmann seems insincere performing this entry.

Martin Isherwood: Good chorus. Not sure about the title, a bit too literally medical. Good voice and performance. One of the better entries with good energy but without a real spark of originality.

Stano Simor: A true singer who knows how to sell a song. Klinsmann has power in this entry which also has a chorus that is extremely easy to remember. This style of music is popular currently in the Czech Republic by national singers.

Roberto Meloni: A charismatic performer and a very good song. I am quite intriguing to see how he will be performing this interesting composition live because it is not an easy track. Nevertheless, a definite contender for me.

Lina Eriksson: This song also immediately sticks in my head. And I must admit that I do like the arena oh-oh’s in the chorus. Like some of the others this song will probably do well on the radio. Good, positive lyrics. Remains to see what Malta think about this one, hard to say… 

Source: Public Broadcasting Services, escflashmalta.com


Last modified on Wednesday, 23 January 2013 03:42