January 19, 2020

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Tuesday, 22 January 2013 01:03

MESC 2013: Reviewing the track 'Superstar'

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At some point in time, the Eurovision Song Contest had lost some of that magic sparkle with which it was created but nevertheless, with high viewing figures and an amazing run of success for artists who have represented their country; it has regained its fame. Time Magazine has listed the event as one of the top five to look forward to during the year. On the other hand, the Public Broadcasting Services is currently preparing to host this years’ edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest set to take place at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre as was the case last year in an event which was surprisingly won by Kurt Calleja with the entry This Is The Night. Promotion is the key for an artist whether upcoming or relatively established and with the local music scene somewhat extremely limited, the role it plays is pivotal. Through radio and television appearances, people are getting to know the artists better and escflashmalta.com is also helping out by virtue of a series of professional reviews carried out by foreign critics from the music industry. The sixteenth entry bears the title Superstar, and is performed by the group, Scar whose lead vocalist, being Konrad Pule just happens to be the songwriter. 

Scar came to existence during the time of the millennium and therefore, could be noted to being veterans in the local music scene whose contribution has always been very well respected. Looking at the humble beginnings, one would realise that their very first tracks including Time to Know and Calling Out had received massive airplay in Malta, Italy and the United States, spending weeks in the charts, giving the public a yearning for more. In 2003, everyone was taken by surprise as the eponymous debut album was released with a live performance which unplanned. The first effort was definitely well placed though because an acknowledgement was given by the Malta Music Awards for the Best Album Production. This was only the beginning of an astonishing career which has already lasted more than ten years, with original music, performances across the world and a significant fan base which keeps them going strong. The audience of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest will remember their entry As Long As You Know back in 2007 which had finished in a credible sixth place. They continues recording new material and indeed, their sophomore album release entitled Breaking Radio Silence was also a major hit and spawned several singles including their recent track White Lie which was nominated for Best Song at the Bay Music Awards. 


Their preview video suggests intriguing elements of red and green lighting which very much complement the ambience that the track tries to create. The genre is significantly noticeable to be a mellow form of pop/rock with a chorus that quickly sticks to mind and gets the listener tapping his foot to the guitar strings. The high pitch vocals from Konrad at the end of the track are somewhat necessary to get that extra oomph and this is the typical track that one would expect from Scar considering the material that they have released in the past. Comparing the track to their entry back in 2007, there seems to be a maturing process and this entry does indeed sound stronger. The song-writing credit for Superstar is given to Konrad Pule, the lead vocalist who had also written the song for their first experience in the competition. When the songwriter ultimately performs the track, there is a certain calmness and pride that comes along, giving credibility to the overall outcome of the performance which will be simplistic and most likely affective. One of the members of the group, David Cassar Torreggianni is also involved in the songwriting of another track entitled Never Walk Away which will be performed by Chris Grech.

The Critics Speak Out

Rating: 62%

Sharon Vaughn: A really good performance of an extremely mediocre song.

Martin Isherwood: Chorus fairly instant if derivative. Good pop rock track - with all the right ingredients although lacking a freshness or sense of originality.

Stano Simor: Catchy song. Gimmick and Chorus bring happiness. Modern pop that I need to listen a few times in the car. Very good fancy lyrics that fits to the concept of the Eurovision Song Contest. Guitar  lines and overall production is excellent. It baffles me why this group hasn't gone Eurovision yet!

Roberto Meloni: Average song. Pop rock composition with too little heart and soul inside. Sorry, to me it looks like a band singing in a wedding…

Lina Eriksson: I really like the Superman-pimping of the lead guitar. I’m not super impressed by the song it self but still I must admit that it sticks in my head. A rock-pop-cheer-me-up-song.

Source: Public Broadcasting Services, escflashmalta.com


Last modified on Tuesday, 22 January 2013 01:12