February 18, 2020

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Thursday, 17 January 2013 17:40

Norway: First Semi-Final Participants Revealed

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One of the most anticipated selection procedures in the past couple of years has surely been the Melodi Grand Prix due to the fact that there was extra effort being put in by the broadcaster, NRK following the victory at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Fairytale performed by Alexander Rybak. The results have not been stupendous since then and they even failed to make the final cut in 2011 with Stella Mwangi and Haba Haba whilst only managing a last place finish with Stay performed by Tooji. Following the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, Per Sundnes resigned from his role as supervisor of the showcase with broadcaster, NRK appointing Vivi Stenberg who injects some new blood as per the first couple of performers seem to encompass. 

The first semi-final is set to take place in the town of Steinkjer and in an innovative format, the announcement of the tracks is being made just days prior the actual semi-final takes place in order to get the media involved and more interested whilst everyone does indeed get the same exposure. NRK seemingly organised the programme in the best possible way but unfortunately most of the names were somewhat known before hand and thus did not really play out in the manner that they wanted to. It seems that the artists despite not completely unknown are somewhat quite intriguing to the competition and bring about different genres which many will enjoy. You may listen to the participating entries hereThere is a simple demeanor about them because they have all been released in full through iTunes following the announcement. In the meantime, the entries are as follows;

  1. Vidar Busk - Paid My Way (Tim Scott McConnell & Vidar Busk)
  2. Carina Dahl - Sleepwalking (Carina Dahl & Ben Adams)
  3. Tom Hugo - Det er du (Tom Hugo)
  4. Gromth feat. Emil Solli-Tangen - Alone (Emil Solli-Tangen, Sven Atle Kopperud & Gromth)
  5. Julie Bergan - Give A Little Something Back (Ben Adams, Sara Skjoldnes & Julie Bergan)
  6. Mimi Blix - Catch Me (Mimi Blix, Dr. Shiver, Luca Monticelli & Mauro Cottini)
  7. Datarock - Underground (Fredrik Saroea & Pål Myran-Håland)
Norway is known in the community of the Eurovision Song Contest as being the country which has finished last on most appearances noting that they managed to finish at the bottom last year and back in 2004 with the song High performed by Knut-Anders Sorum. It is intriguing to denote that the songwriters behind Kevin Borg's entry Needing You had written the latter entry which did not manage to garner more than three points unfortunately. Three acts will qualify from the first semi-final whilst the non-qualifiers of all three semi-finals will compete for a wildcard spot. escflashmalta.com will be bringing you all the results of the shows whilst committing to live reports of the final stage of respective selection processes.
Source: NRK
Last modified on Thursday, 17 January 2013 17:51