November 22, 2019

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Friday, 30 November 2012 13:00

France: 'Sans Attendre' by Celine Dion - A Review

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The upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is set to take place in Malmö, Sweden following the major victory set forth by track Euphoria performed by Loreen by virtue of ranking in the top position in both public and jury voting. The editorial board at is currently gearing up in anticipation for the national finals season noting that the month of December is going to be particularly busy with no less than six countries announcing their respective entries and representatives alike. In the meantime, singer/songwriter Jean Claude Vancell is definitely going to be one of the key individuals during the upcoming months continuously providing you, the readers with the latest album reviews whilst also coming in as a special guest to analyze a couple of selection formats during the evenings. In recent days, Heal by Loreen was given a thumbs up but today, we feature a different kind of review in terms of genre as the latest album by Celine Dion entitled Sans Attendre has just been released to generally positive reviews yet what does Vancell think about it? Keep reading this post and find out.

Artist: Celine Dion

Celine Dion is a French-Canadian artist from Quebec. Born in 1968, she became a teenage pop sensation in the French-speaking world. She represented Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1988 and won. After that she decided to take on the American market, after a few years out of the limelight to improve her image and her English. Dion took the American music market by storm during most of the nineties and noughties performed sell-out shows at the Caeser’s Palace in Las Vegas. She performed five nights a week to an audience of 4,000 people at one of the most luxurious hotels in Vegas.

She grossed a total of $400 million from this concert alone (A New Day…) during a 5-year run making her one of the most successful money-making women in the world. She announced a second residency tour at the Caeser’s Palace in 2010 and is performing the three-year, seventy show a year tour, entitled Celine presently. Celine is also releases perfumes under the Celine Dion Parfums collection. She has released her 14th perfume, called Signature, last September. This generally means that such an artist has also become a prominent business women thanks to various advisers.

Album Title: Sans Attendre

Released: 2nd November (Europe)

The album production is of very high quality (I wasn't expecting anything less from Celine Dion!) and uses very little synths on the album. It’s clear that the album can be taken on tour and played exactly as is with an 8-piece band easily. This does not lessen the beauty of the musical arrangements in the album. I did find that most of the songs were mid-tempo, making the album very consistent. I don’t particularly like this, since Qui Peut Vivre Sans Amour (a more up-tempo track – emphasis on the more) stands out like a sore thumb.

Musically the album has a few interesting chord changes which Dion’s vocal works around effortlessly. Every chance for the vocal to soar (Celine style) is taken, but not abused.  An army of authors took part in the album. I counted 24. Wow. The singer isn't one of them if you’re wondering. Not surprisingly, the album has no fixed theme. Dion sang three duets on this album.  One with Johnny Hallyday, another with Jean-Pierre Ferland and one with Henri Salvador. The three of the men have beautiful voices – albeit very similar, making the duets very difficult to tell apart.

The album was released internationally on November 2, 2012. It peaked the charts in Canada and France, reached number 2 in Switzerland (the country she represented at the ESC) and did very well in French-speaking countries. This is Dion’s 12th French album and 24th album overall. N.B. The deluxe edition included two bonus tracks (Ne Me Quitte Pas and Les Jours Comme ça) which were reviewed with the rest of the album.

Tracks to look out for:

Qui Peut Vivre Sans Amour? – The most striking refrain in the album. Dion’s strong vocals compliment the up-tempo rock feel of the song. The lyrics might sound trivial at first, but they pose some good questions once you think about them. As I previously stated, the track stands out effortlessly from the rest of the songs due it being faster-paced.

Une Chance Qu'on S'a – For the romantics out there, the lyrics are truly a beauty. This is a duet between Dion and Jean-Pierre Ferland.

Final Verdict:

I found the album very tiring to listen to, not only because it is in French, so I had to make that extra effort to understand it, but also because every track feels like the previous one. I prepared myself for Celine’s dramatic vocals, but nothing can prepare you for the roller-coaster that Dion’s vocal take on every song.

Ranting apart, the album is well-produced and well-written (I would hope so with that many song-writers). It’s good. I don’t love it. I don’t hate it. Will I listen to it again? Definitely not. Would I urge people to buy it? Yes, only if you love Celine Dion or if you understand French. If you don’t you’ll probably be weeping by mid-album – either because every song sounds sad (even if it might talk about the happiest things) or because you can’t stand Celine.  If you like Celine Dion and can understand French, then you’re in for a treat!

Last modified on Friday, 30 November 2012 13:32