January 25, 2020

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Sunday, 11 November 2012 13:16

Turkey: Artist Announcement is Imminent

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Sertab Erener is known to the community of the Eurovision Song Contest as being the winner of the 2003 edition held in Riga, Latvia noting that her track Everyway That I Can managed to beat competition from the likes of Belgium and Russia, the latter whom were represented by the duo known as t.A.t.U whose fame at the time drew no boundaries and spearheaded most polls and betting odds. The reaction to her victory was huge and she managed to create a music career with hits spreading across the continent including into Switzerland, Russia, Belgium, Sweden and Greece. Nevertheless, success has followed the country since then with the only negative result coming in 2011 thanks to the group Yuksek Sadakat whose track Live It Up did not manage to make it through to the final stages of the competition. Earlier this year, the country returned back into the top ten with Can Bonomo and his song Love Me Back. It seems that another internal selection is on its way from the Turkish broadcaster; TRT.

Can Bonomo was the one who restored pride back for the nation in the competition but nevertheless, the broadcaster has decided to take up a different approach this time round by virtue of calling back successful former participants and people from the music industry who know a thing or two of how to create a hit in continental Europe and beyond if need be noting the representation of Sertab Erener and the lead singer of the MTV European Award Winners; maNga amongst others. Earlier this week, we spoke about the strong possibility that the representative in Malmo will be none other than Aynur Aydin but it seems that she is facing a strong contender in the vein of Işın Karaca who is a veteran of the Turkish music scene known for performing a number of Turkish ballads and also a current host of a television programme which is broadcast on TRT Muzik making her another front runner. The announcement is quite imminent and pundits say that it could come as close to this coming Friday therefore, one has to keep their eyes pealed open in order to see who will be following Anouk who was announced as the Dutch representative last month. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news.

Source: escnation message board


Last modified on Sunday, 11 November 2012 13:34