September 23, 2019

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Thursday, 26 July 2012 10:15

Spain: Pastora Soler Releases 'Stay With Me'

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Following an extremely successful couple of years following the millennium, the results of Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest quickly dwindled to either the lower end or the middle part of the scoreboard and the broadcaster was extremely disappointed with the results bringing about a number of different formulas in hope that the results would improve. Eventually, this time round they decided to pick one of the most popular singers in Spain by the name of Pastora Soler but then again, instead of singing traditional flamenco, she was set to sing one of three ballads as per the requirements of a national final for the respective song. The track chosen entitled Quedatè Conmingo written by Thomas G:son, Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson, Erik Bernholm ended up in tenth place following a masterful performance by the performer and thus the worries that Spain would never reach such a high position was diminished. Fans fell in love with the song and as a present back, Pastora has recorded a new version in English so that it would have worldwide appeal.

Apart from reaching the top ten of the Spanish charts prior to departing for the Eurovision Song Contest, peaking at number #6, the song has also managed to crack the charts in Belgium at number #76 which is quite a surprise noting that songs from the Western country have not managed to break any other European charts in recent years. Speaking through social networking website, Facebook, the renowned performer stated that the English version has been demanded by her fans for quite some time and thus she gave into their request and went through and reocrded. The writers of the song did not find a problem to re-write the lyrics and it seems that the intensity she brought about for the Spanish version is still in existant with the track not losing any of it's general feeling noting that it has managed to remain strong in every respective count. Stay tuned to for more news about artists who went to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Last modified on Thursday, 26 July 2012 10:20