September 19, 2019

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012 07:40

France: Nil Points from Tele-Voting

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France decided on selecting the artist internally for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest and went onto selection one of the most popular names in the industry being Anggun but it seems that the plan backfired as soon as the track Echo (You & I) was selected in conjuction with the performer and Warner Music France, who were also the brains behind last years' entry by Amaury Vassili entitled Sognu which despite doing better, failed to drum up the support that many people expected. It has been heavily tipped as a winner before France languished in fifteenth position. This time round, at the announcement of the split jury/tele-voting results, as confirmed by the European Broadcasting Union and Price Waterhouse Cooper, France did not even win any points through tele-voting meaning that should the system of a couple of years ago remained in place, it would have managed the dreaded 'Nil Points'.

Nevertheless, despite the disappointing figures in Tele-Voting, France racked up a respectable thirteenth position with the juries and when the points were divided into 50% shares between the two, it would only managed twenty-first position but this was not the only surprise of the evening noting that within the top ten, Turkey was also the major surprise with Can Bonomo finishing on an impressive fourth place with the tele-voting portion of the competition as opposed to the twenty-second place by the jury. Despite the contradicting results, Turkey returned to the top ten for the first time in two years with Love Me Back. This result was similar to the one achieved by Romania for their track Zaleilah as Mandinga got seventh place in the tele-voting as opposed to a twentieth with the jury finishing twelfth overall.

Other interesting results focus on the big five countries noting that the success of Germany and their entry Standing Still by Roman Lob was extremely merited with the country finishing in sixth place when it comes to tele-voting, as opposed to a tenth place in juries which saw them finish in a respectable eight place. The result in this case was quitew close, something extremely different from both Italy and Spain whom despite ranking in fourth and didth place with the juries with a difference of just three points, they managed only seventeenth and eighteenth with the people at home as their entries L'Amore E Femmina (Out of Love) and Quedatè Conmingo (Stay With Me) performed by Nina Zilli and Pastora Soler ranked ninth and tenth in the final tally.

The United Kingdom as entirely not expected finished higher with the public than with the jury who ranked Engelbert Humperdinck and his Love Will Set You Free in last place with a meager eleven points as opposed to the people at home who put him slightly higher in twenty first place but something was not working for that area of Europe because Ireland's entry in the competition by Jedward bearing the name Waterline finished in tenth place with the people and twenty-fifth, just before the United Kingdom with the juries. The most surprising analysis has to be carried out on Ukraine who for the first time ever failed to drum up the support of the viewers at home with the song Be My Guest performed by Gaitana and had to rely on the jury to qualify and to get a mid-table placing by finishing in seventh place with the jury as opposed to the twentieth position of the public.

One last focal point has to be Malta as Kurt Calleja and his entry This Is The Night managed to perform much better with the judges as expected who ranked it in sixteenth place on the final night as the people at home did not see it as better than twenty-fifth place with just a meager ten points. The same story was acknowledged in the semi-final where we placed eleventh with the public and fifth with the jury votes prompting us to get a result which would see us qualify because of the latter vote. Nevertheless, well done for all of the team for a sublime performance on Thursday which would have definitely seen us get a better result on Saturday if kept somewhat the same. You can view all of the decisive results through the official website of the Eurovision Song Contest, here.


Last modified on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 07:46