December 14, 2019

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Sunday, 20 May 2012 23:56

Eurovision 2012: Valerie Vella Reviews the Finalists

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The pre-qualified entries for the final of the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest have already had their technical rehearsal, spread over a period of two days, the first being on Saturday where they had forty (40) minutes of allocated time and the second being on Sunday where they were allocated another thirty (30) minutes in total as were all of the other competitors in the competition. One of the main features prior to each semi-final is that we will be releasing the results of the polls and the reviews combined in order to see whether they were close to the actual results, nevertheless, we can now also reveal the comments put forth for the six finalists which include the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Azerbaijan, Spain and Germany. The reviews were carried out by none other than Valerie Vella.


The female host on local television does not need a lot of introductory notes and this is because she is well known with the fans of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and also around Europe having occupied the role of spokesperson, commentator, national final host and also as the Head of Press during the actual competition. She has exclusively decided to voice her views with us and of course with you our readers about the tracks which have already qualified to the final due to their respective status when it comes to finances along with the honour of the previous winner and therefore host country. We would like to make it a point that these views are not those of but are personal views of an individual with years of experience within the field.

United Kingdom

The last time the UK came up with something decent in recent years was with Andrew Lloyd Weber’s composition ‘It’s My Time’ in 2009. Actually, they gave me the feeling they had given up on the contest altogether. I must say that the UK pleasantly surprised me this time round. Love songs rarely come more classic and soothing than this. Meaningful lyrics combined with a perfect diction and technique make it a surefire hit ….at least for me….but I must confess that I’m a big fan of good ballads, so I might be slightly biased here!


For France this year we’ll see the diminutive but very shapely Anggun. Famous in the 90s for her song "Snow on the Sahara", the Indonesian-French singer's entry is a sprightly pop entry. Whether it catches the imagination of European audiences remains to be seen however….I must say it hasn’t grown on me yet, but I like the whistling sound all throughout the song. Its interesting to note that songs in French have repeatedly failed to garner any significant placings in recent years, but that could well change this year if she manages to put up a good show.


A quite unusual song that grabs you from the very first note. Nina oozes style with her stage presence and impeccable voice. I must say I’m surprised the Italians chose to sing in English after the romantic Italian language to have worked wonders last year as they placed second. It seems that after the 14 year absence from the ESC, the Italians are doing their utmost to keep away from the stereotypical Italian ballad. All in all … Like!


Although this is the only the 5th appearance of Azerbaijan in the ESC , they seem to be on the right track year after year. Strong entries, spectacular stage performances, and, let’s face it, big budgets, have landed them top ten placings every year. They seem to strike the right note whatever the style of the song. This year’s ballad has potential, but what are the chances of winning twice in a row? Besides, polished as it may be, it’s not really a winner to me.


Where do I start? I like her voice and I don’t mind the melody line, but that’s just about it for me. It’s an average classical ballad. I doubt it will stand out, especially when faced with other, stronger ballads in this year’s festival. Had Spain not been one of the Big Five, I’m pretty sure the chances of seeing them in the final would be close to zero….yawn!

A young cool male after 2 years of cute Lena. A chill out song that tends to bore me by the time its over. A repetitive chorus which lacks creative lyrics....but usually that goes down well with viewers. I believe that a potentially winning song is one that people can hum or sing through parts of it the first time they hear it, because let's face it, most of the people voting on the day would have never heard the songs before even though they are widely available on the various media. Hopefully he will keep up his unwavering voice when singing live.
Last modified on Sunday, 20 May 2012 23:56