September 23, 2019

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Thursday, 17 May 2012 16:42

Eurovision 2012: Maltese Team is Busy in Baku

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There is no such thing as a real day off whilst at the Eurovision Song Contest, the only difference to other days is that they will not be at the Arena but other work would be done at the very same time actually. The team for Malta features a number of people including of course, Kurt Calleja as the lead vocalist and everyone was invited to a television programme on the state's broadcasting network known as Ictimai. This was a notable invitation and a great means of exposure actually. The programme in itself dealt with getting to know each member of the delegation along with the meaning behind the song itself.

In the meantime, today was quite a different day for the team with an outfit fitting for what they will be wearing at the Opening Ceremony this Saturday night at the Euroclub which is of course a huge sports centre in reality, converted into a large, modern club to accomodate the guests of the event. Later on, the Public Broadcasting Serices took place to book a private venue where the team rehearsed their entry before making their way into the press centre for a number of interviews with foreign media outlets.

This evening, Kurt along with his band have been invited to join two parties, first starting off with the one from Georgia and then the one from Slovakia. Both countries are also performing in the second semi-final and are therefore a good means to get late exposure. Nevertheless, the Maltese delegation has become very friendly with the foreigners and therefore have no trouble mingling with the people. We will be following all of the latest where Kurt and his team are involved so stay tuned to for all of the news as it becomes available.

Source: TVM

Last modified on Thursday, 17 May 2012 16:51