August 24, 2019

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Sunday, 22 April 2012 15:19

Cyprus: Reviewing the song 'La La Love'

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The running order of the Eurovision Song Contest tends to be quite ironic at times and it seems that two opposing entries have been put back to back to give the critics and the viewers even more interest. The draw for the running order is conducted without any pretenses of course but nevertheless, it is quite funny how things have panned out. This statement comes to knowledge due to the fact that many believe that San Marino will not qualify to the finals as opposed to Cyprus who are seemingly looking at their best result in years with many people even going onto state that the song is better than the Greek one which was presented earlier on in our reviews. Therefore, track twelve is the one from Cyprus bearing the name La La Love performed by Ivi Adamou and written by Alex Papaconstantinou, Bjorn Djupström, Alexandra Zakka & Viktor Svensson. It is quite an interesting collaboration again and this will be one of the songs to look out for during the evening.

Eighteen year old Ivi Adamou, started her career at 16 emerging from X Factor 2 in Greece, where she got the opportunity to show her vocal potential and her powerful character to a greater extent. She started taking music lessons at a very early age. Music theory, vocal lessons and piano.  Soon after the talent show she signed releasing her debut Gold album Kalokeri Stin Kardia and the first single A*G*A*P*I. Two more hit singles followed from the debut album: Sose Me and To Mistiko Mou Na Vreis.

She also had the number one summer hit of the year 2010 with her guest performance in the song San Erthi I Mera, by the most popular Greek hip-hop act, Stavento. After her appearance on the Mad Video Music Awards 2010 with the band OtherView the word was out….a new star is born! The EP Christmas with Ivi was released in December of 2010 in Greece and also was certified Gold. In April of 2011, she has a very successful comeback with the band Melisses recording together the single Krata ta matia sou klista and a very big summer tour followed with Ivi and the band. In July 2011, her second solo album ‘San Ena Oniro” was released, which includes the latest single Voltes Sta Asteria.

The Critics Voice Their Opinion

Jan Van Dijck

  • This song is cheap but catchy and could turn out in being a hit in the discotheques in both Cyprus and Greece and who knows in our European countries. It has a melody line and catchy words easy to remember. So what? La La Love! I give this song seven (7) points.

Knut-Oyvind Hagen

  • Finally, Cyprus challenges their big brother Greece this year! This entry hasn’t got as big a hook in the chorus as the Greek song “Aphrodisiac”, but it feels a lot more sophisticated and the production has a more modern and individual sound. It is not a winner, but it is easily listenable, and I would love for Cyprus to at least get to the final with this. Let's give this song six (6) points.


  • A modern uptempo club song with potential. Mediocer verses, with a even better bridge. The chorus has a catchy ”lalala” b-part and contains a lot of energy. Vocal performance has some flaws. Seven (7) points are well-deserved in this case though.

Entry Background

Performer: Ivi Adamou

Composers: Alex Papaconstantinou, Bjorn Djupström, Alexandra Zakka & Viktor Svensson

Authors: Alex Papaconstantinou, Bjorn Djupström, Alexandra Zakka & Viktor Svensson

Song: La La Love

Language: English

Broadcaster: CyBC

History of the Nation

Cyprus have been competing in the Eurovision Song Contest for thirty (30) years and therefore this will surely be a year to remember in their regard. The very first entry which they had presented to the competition was back in 1981 with the group Island performing the song Monika finishing in sixth position but they would ultimately obtain and equal their best result result of fifth on three occasions, the first being in 1982 with Anna Vissi and her track Mono I Agapi, then in 1997 with Hara & Andreas Constantinou and their entry Mana Mou and the last time being in 2004 when the British born Lisa Andreas performed a charming rendition of her song Stronger Every Minute astounding the audience with a crystal clear voice and a lovely slow and simple ballad.

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Last modified on Sunday, 22 April 2012 15:20