September 23, 2019

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Saturday, 03 March 2012 21:27

Spain: Pastora Soler Eurovisión - LIVE

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Spain has been the only country in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest that has never stopped taking part of the contest since the Iberic nation began taking part in 1961. Artists like Raphael, Julio Iglesias, Massiel and most remembered in the Eurovision world, Mocedades, have managed to achieve successful careers in Spain and Latin America. These recent years have not been exactly bright for Spain, the broadcaster TVE decided to internally choose the singer, Pastora Soler, a famous artist who has also been nominated for a Latin Grammy Award in recent years.

After months and months waiting, four entries by the Spanish singer were picked: "Me Despido De Tí", "Ahora O Nunca", "Tu Vida Es Tu Vida" and "Quédate Conmigo" were the candidate songs to become the next Spanish entry. The first two were put to be voted by internet users and "Ahora o Nunca" won the ticket to the gala along with "Tu Vida Es Tu Vida" and "Quédate Conmigo" to be held tonight. Pastora will do a few performances beside Eurovision entrant Sergio Dalma alongside other important singers in the Spanish music scene. Venezuelan singer/songwriter Franco de Vita is one of the judges responsible for the national choice. He will be join of course, other industry experts, Soledad Gimenez and Oscar Gomez and along with our live report on, you can watch the showcase through the official webcast by RTVE.

Song 01 : Tu Vida Es Tu Vida

A dance-oriented track whose lyrics are mostly about not cariing about what others think about you - something most people from the LGBT community feel very related to. She's standing before the microphone all by herself and people are cheering and clapping. Her stage performance was very simple but the vocals were just flawless - worthy of Soler's voice! Oscar is having his say by saying he finds this song very Eurovision and its melody stays with you like a proper song. Sole has stated the song was very well performed, although it needs a powerful ending.

Song 02 : Quedate Conmingo

She appears in a rather elegant and sexy black dress that perfectly fits her. Everyone is cheering up as she's delivering this very moving ballad which is perfect for a makeup. The public is euphoric about the song while the juries are about to speak their minds out. The public is euphoric about the song while the juries are about to speak their minds out. Franco de Vita doesn't have much to say: He's just confirming what the song makes everyone feels by the reaction of the audience. Juries are praising her performance and vocals.

Song 03 : Ahora O Nunca

Juries were left speechelss when Anna introduced the next song to listen to, "Ahora O Nunca" as "racist". She's now wearing a long pale white dress and her vocals are just as great as usual. Everyone seems to be very pleased by Pastora's performance. The female judge this evening  is saying Pastora has done a terrific job and they are not easy to sing, whilst Oscar has affirmed a good ballad makes you feel overwhelemed and that makes a song great. It will be quite interesting to see which song the juries will see as the better one keeping their comments mainly on the singer.

The Show (Part 2)

Now there is a recap of all three songs while lines remain open to take votes from the televiewers while juries have left the stage to jugde and vote. She is telling how overwhelming the experience of meeting eurofans has been to her, saying she didn't know how passionate they were. Now the most exravagant wardrobe in Eurovision history are being displayed while the music background is "Le Papa Pinguin", the 1980 entry from Luxembourg. It was to introduce Rafael Muñóz who's talking about different outfits by Spanish fashion designers that would go well with each of her songs. Now there's Sergio Dalma to performe Umberto Tozzi's classic song "Ti Amo" with Spanish lyrics. Rough vocals make this song so powerful. Now he's talking about his experience in Sanremo festival.

Now he's performing "Yo No Te Pido La Luna" (I Don't Ask You For The Moon) with Pastora. Their melodic voices go very well with this catchy up-tempo song. On screen comes, the Spanish singer Raphael wishing her the very best of luck. Now last year's Eurovision winner is being played. Pastora is talking to the Azeri ambassador in Spain who is telling her a few pointers about Azerbaijan and her cuisine and traditions. Now she's performing "Bandera Blanca" ("White Flag") with David Bustamante, who went to Tallin with Rosa in 2002. He's been a successful solo artist ever since. This is another beautifully performed ballad. David has just stated so cleary that "Quédate Conmigo" is the song to go to Baku. Lines are about to be closed in a few minutes and televiewers have been invited to vote some more. id Bisbal, another one who went with Rosa, sent her shout-outs and best wishes.

Now she's talking about she began in the music business as first videos of her performances are being shown, proving how powerful her voice has always been. A recording from her professor, Luis Sanz, has been played and since he passed away recently, she took up crying emotional tears. Malú and Vanessa Martin perform 'Vamos' alongside Pastora now! More shout-outs from close family and friends are being displayed for her and that really drives her to tears. She's now joined by her husband and her niece Lucía. He's a choreographer and dancer. It was his father speaking on a video saying how sick he was when he made "La Mala Costumbre" ("The Bad Custom") and when she recorded it and he listened to it, he recovered a lot. Voting lines have been officially closed!!! Juries are about to announce their verdict!!


Oscar Gómez:

8 points to "Ahora O Nunca";

10 points to "Tu Vida Es Tu Vida"

12 points to "Quédate Conmigo"



8 points to "Tu Vida Es Tu Vida";

10 points to "Ahora O Nunca"

12 points to "Quédate Conmigo"


Franco de Vita:

8 points to "Tu Vida Es Tu Vida";

10 points to "Ahora O Nunca"

12 points to "Quédate Conmigo"




24 points go to: "Ahora O Nunca"

30 points go to: "Tu Vida Es Tu Vida"

36 points go to: "Quédate Conmigo"




Quédate Conmigo

Last modified on Saturday, 03 March 2012 23:37