February 18, 2020

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The period in which the brand new schedule comes about has already spanned a couple of weeks and people seem inclined to a number of shows already during this autumn/winter season especially within time slots that manage to accommodate a number of viewers. One of the shows which seems to be attracting acclaim is a drama planned in order to attract viewers all of ages. The drama which has been rated by many as pure family entertainment goes by the name of 'Déjà Vu', a musical drama series produced by the notable Eileen Montesin.

In this weeks' episode, there is going to be a lot of focus on St.Louis College which is of course the setting for most of the stories of the main protagonists. The students do not lead easy lives and they have to work on a brand new assignment along with one of their lecturers. We quickly turn our attention to Beth (Christine Haber) who is still doing her utmost to become part of group led by Luke (Francesco Catania). Still, he shows absolutely no interesting in her because he knows who he would like to work with. Still, Beth does not give up and therefore invites his whole group to her house to use it as their working station. The idea of the after-classes starts to pick up as it seems that people will be increasing but by how many? The Mayor of the town initially proposed this idea in order to gain the trust and the support of the general public but it is yet to be seen whether it will be successful.

It is to be noted this evening that a number of characters are vying for Hazel (Clare Agius) but in the long run, we are yet to find out which individual she really likes. The main concern of the story-line situated around Josie (Eileen Montesin) who touches the scarf of Hazel (Clare Agius) and gets a vision of something that would happen moments later. One should clearly wonder what is happening to her especially after that fall. Starring for yet another time this evening will be none other than; Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2011 second runner-up; Kurt Calleja, former Eurovision Song Contest representative; Mary Spiteri, Malta Eurosong semi-finalist; Dominic Cini, Junior Eurosong finalist; Christine Haber and of course Former Hosts of the Malta Song for Europe, Clare Agius and Eileen Montesin.

Tune into NET Television this evening at 20:30 CET, just after the news to follow the second episode of this series and you will notice when the show will be commencing as the opening theme song is none other than the song 'Déjà Vu' performed by former Eurovision Song Contest representative Olivia Lewis in the Malta Song for Europe back in 2005 finishing as the first runner-up to Chiara who took to the stage with 'Angel' abroad finishing in second place just behind Helena Paparizou and her track 'My Number One'. This is an episode which is surely not to be missed!

Source: Press Release

Society is made up of individuals, all of which end up contributing to the general well being and one things about the people themselves within their various factors, it is quite normal to think about artists who have God given talent. Without the right techniques and conservation, one cannot grow and learn the art and this has been a long standing point within the local music industry. Within a short span of time, Malta will have it's very own contemporary music exams thanks to one of Europe's leading schools about the subject.

The Pop Music Exam board known as 'Rockschool' will be offering a contemporary artist, the chance to get the qualifications that classically trained artists get and this will surely be a first for Malta in general. The idea is the brain child of none other than the renowned vocal coach Joshua Alamu who with the help of Claire McCartin, a former finalist of the Malta Eurosong competition has sough to make sure this does take place. For more information, please make sure to visit www.rockschool.co.uk, where you can find all of the latest news. In the meantime, the launch of this initiative will be next Wednesday 21st September 2011 and performing there will be none other than three time Malta Eurosong competitor Petra Zammit.

Source: Press Release

Earlier this year, one of the well known Maltese song festivals bearing the name "The Malta International Hit Song Contest" took place with three particular singers taking home a trophy. The actually winner, Romina Mamo went to the Universong Festival in Tenerife and came back home with the silver award but the runner-up will be having her fair shot at a competition as well because Corazon Mizzi is off to the city of Kusadasi in Turkey to compete in a musical showcase there.

Corazon who will be representing Malta will be competing along with participants from another 15 different nations. The festival which is formally known as the "International Kusadasi Sister Cities Festival" is spread over a period of three nights. During the first two nights, all of the participants will be performings songs from their very own repertoire whilst on the third night, they will be performing a Turkish song composed personally for them by the well known producer Tolga Gurdil. In the meantime, the singer would like to show her deep appreciate to those who made this trip possible, none other than Mr. Norman Hamilton and also Mr. Robert Cefai from WAFA International.

Source: Press Release

Local singer Corazon Mizzi has just returned from a short trip to Kusadasi, Turkey which has proved to be an important landmark in her career. Corazon was chosen by The World Association of Festivals and Artists known as WAFA . She represented Malta in a 3day festival held in the city of Kusadasi together with 15 other acclaimed singers from different countries.

‘The Intenational Kusadasi Sister Cities Festival was a new experience for us from an organizational point of view because it was held in concert form and for the first time, there was no competition between the singers,’ comments Mr. Robert Cefai, Secretary General of WAFA. During this trip Corazon was also given the opportunity to collaborate on the writing of a song with renouned Turkish composer Tolga Gurdil, recording the song during her stay in Kusadasi. She performed this song, together with other pieces from her repertoire during the festival before thousands of people in an open-air setting. The Festival was also aired on Turkish TV station ‘Expo Channel’.

‘When in Kusadasi, I was very pleased to see my name and photos on billboards and posters around the city. I believe that all this is very good publicity for myself as an artist, but also as representative of Malta. Moreover, it was definitely an honour for me to be chosen to sing along artists such as Eurovision winner Ann Marie David and other singers of international fame,’ concludes Corazon. For more information, one can visit www.wafainternational.com or www.corazonmizzi.com.

Source: Press Release

During the year, one of the most exciting musical events that take place in Malta is organised in the town of Zejtun. Since its inception just four years ago, the concert Alive has been growing from strength to strength and this year will surely be no different actually with a star studded line-up set to headline the event.

The musical showcases that have accepted to be a part of the event are none other than Malta's best selling artist and pop/rock princess Ira Losco who also represented our nation in the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest finishing as the first runner-up, the highly-regarded group Tribali who were recognised for their musical endeavours during the Malta Music Awards.

Also joining these two acts will be none other than U-Bahn, who will be putting up a Live DJ Set, Malta Eurosong 2010 runner-up, Glen Vella who will perform a number of the best club hits at the moment and last but not least Christabelle who will sing songs from her repertoire. The show is set to be hosted by the actor Carlos Farrugia and of course the first lady of Maltese Dance Music, Miss Roberta.

The concert "Alive" is taking place on Saturday 30th October at Beland Club in Zejtun from 21:00 CET onwards. The setting will include a stunning stage on contemporary design, completed with a superlative lighting system by Nexos. Tickets are available from several outlets in Zejtun or could be delivered by the event’s promoters. For info about outlets and contacts visit: www.alivetheconcert.com.

‘Alive’ - a journey through dance music which you simply can’t miss!

Source: Press Release (Jonathan Bondin)

Escflashmalta has brought you the latest updates in regards to local singers’ recent releases; both singles and albums. The recent release of the album ‘Convincingly Better’ by the popular Claudia Faniello is currently topping the sales at D’Amato Record store in Valletta. One must note that the store has the exclusive sales rights on this album apart from Claudia’s management.

The album includes eleven tracks along with the video of ‘I Hate This Song’ which took local airwaves by storm with its release a few weeks before the album launch. The eleven tracks on the album are relatively new and exclusive, except for ‘Walk with Me’ which was originally sung by Mark Tonna back in the 1997 Malta Song for Europe, but the new version has been reproduced and adapted to Claudia’s vocals.

Other tracks on the album include Claudia’s Malta Eurosong 2010 entry ‘Samsara’, ‘Midas Touch’ which made it past the elementary phase in last year selection and also the song which got her close to San Remo ‘Guardami’. With such title tracks along with others completely new, this album has been destined to be successful. On behalf of ESCflashmalta.com I would like to wish Claudia the best of luck in her career.

Source: Trevor Fenech (Bubbles Animation & Entertainment)

The Maltese representation in foreign festivals is increasing as the days go by and we have just received word that one of our upcoming artists who goes by the name of Danica Muscat will be representing our nation with the 'Rzeszów Carpathia Festival' taking place within the nation of Poland. Many people will remember the artist from the Junior Eurosong competition winning the hearts of many nationals with the song 'Stolen' as well as from her participation within 'Io Canto' which was aired on Canale 5.

The festival in Poland will be quite the stepping stone for the local artist and to give you a little bit of information, she is the first artist to represent Malta in this festival as it will be our first participation. Nations who will be represented include Belarus, Serbia, Ukraine, Norway, Moldova, Romania, Italy, Germany, Azerbaijan, Russia and Kazakstan. The festival has served a very important aim in the past and that is to not only promote talent in the best possible way but to create friendships between the artists hoping to see them collaborating together within the future. We would like to wish Danica Muscat the very best of luck because it is definitely not an easy field especially competing against the likes of 2011 Eurovision Song Contest representative, Evelina Saszenko.

* Aiste Pilvelyte (Lithuania) – Melancolia
* Alon Gutman (Israel) – Ahavnu (Once We Loved)
* Danica Muscat (Malta) – Does It Hurt
* Eva Beke (Hungary) – Let Me Try
* Ewelina Saszenko (Lithuania) – C'est ma vie
* Gabriela Szekei (Romania) – Clolourfull World
* Iwona Kmiecik (Poland) – Na pewno
* Jan Bendig (Czech Republic) – My Heart For You
* Lavinia Steriopol (Spain) – Nadie Como Tu
* Luiza Ganczarska (Spain) – Łza w poduszce
* Nicky Goldstein (Israel) – You Make Me Fly
* Ralph Kamiński (Poland) – The Hill
* Ramón Pinto (Spain) – A la Deriva
* Ruxanda Calistru (United States) – Everytime
* Sabine Berezina (Łotwa, Ryga) – Let Me Be
* Zeynep Agcabay (Turkey) – Say No More
* Ewa Szlachcic and Way No Way (Poland) – Your Love
* Galina Konach and Rezus Blues (Ukraine) – Come Before You
* Geoffrey Cartier, and Urban Foxes (United Kingdom) – This Is London
* Iurii Roketskyi, and Green Silence (Ukraine) – Wszystko będzie Love
* Jakub Kubica, and SoundQ (Poland) – Lizard Skin
* Jakub Prachowski and Eden Express (Poland) – Uciec
* Łukasz Łojek, and Funky Scool (Poland) – Oni tam byli
* Marcin Łazarski, and De Trebles (Poland) – Cyrku-lacja
* Martin Johansson and Atone (Norway) – Era
* Michaella Papp (Slovakia) – Vravieť ti chcem
* Natalia Lubrano, and Nat Queen Cool (Poland) – Right Now
* Olga Gorcinschi and Millenium Band (Moldova) – In Memoriam

Source: Danica Muscat's Management

Today's edition of CELEBRITY WEEKEND sees the continuation of the second and one of the much awaited phases of the Summer Hit Song Contest 2011. All of the finalists will perform their songs for a second time, but this time round will do so with a Celebrity Artist chosen by the participants themselves. Today's edition will start at 15.00 instead of the usual 16.00 due to a change in schedule.

Deo Grech and Natius Farrugia interview the guest artists about their careers and delve into the world of local gossip and entertainment news. On the other hand, the Celebrity Fashion stylist, Graziella Galdes gives her verdict on the artists' look giving them tips and suggestions even for the final night of the competition. The six guest artists on today's show include 2010 Malta Song finaliata Audrey Marie Bartolo and Kaya (Priscilla Psaila), two time Malta Song finalist Jessica Muscat, four times Malta Song finalist J Anvil. Gloriana Arpa Belli who finished second in the last edition of Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza will also feature in today's programme and so will local artist Muxu.

These singers will perform in duet with the following entries:

01. Someday One Day (Marie Claire Attard Bason)
02. Let's Party (Minic ft Siconix)
03. Ladies Night (Izzy)
04. Turn On The Lights (Walter Anthony)
05. Ain't My Kind of Love (Janice Mangion)
06. Ale'O (Malcom Pisani)

Source: Press Release

The Maltese music scene continues to flourish with each passing day and over the past twenty four hours, we have learn that there has been a new song released onto the radio stations, one coming from an artist who has already reached some of the heights of success here in our small nation having been nominated for the best male artist at the Malta Music Awards as well as the best newcomer at the Bay Music Awards whilst making it through to the semi-final of the 2008 edition of the Malta Song for Europe and also the charts at Bay Radio.

I am speaking about Jean Claude Vancell, who after a short break from music, has returned with his brand new single 'Music Box'.The singer had somewhat of a block for a couple of months but it seems that, that particular phase has passed and that his best material might yet still to come because his new single is dynamic, fresh and has a pulsing beat which would help put you in a good mood. You can judge the new single for yourself by listening to it through the official band camp website where you can also download it for the price of just one Euro. We would like to wish Jean Claude Vancell the very best of luck, who knows, we might have him back at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest next year.

The artist spoke about his brand new single through his official website saying '“I think I was too preoccupied with having my music played on the radios in the past. I decided that my new releases should sound just how I want them, so I decided to produce, record and mix them myself. The result is exactly what I want my music to sound like.”

Source: Jean Claude Vancell

After another year filled with music where local talent flourished, it is time to acknowledge those who worked hard and tried their utmost to make something special in the last year. The first Malta Music Awards were held back in 1995, and these took place every year with the exception of 2002. As the years rolled by, these awards developed and more awards were added to reflect the whole spectrum of the local music scene. Those eligible for these awards were artists who were active between October 2009 till September 2010.

An award introduced this year is that for the Artist of the Decade where the local public has the opportunity to vote for the artist who has had an impact on the local scene in the last decade. The awards will be held on Saturday 27th November, 2010 at the Malta Fairs and Convention Centre, Ta’ Qali. This year’s nominees for the 2010 awards come from all parts of the local music industry, both those who one regularly see at the MaltaSong stage, to those we hear on local radios varying in different genres.

Best Dance Production
•    Everyday song - Wintermoods - Tenishia remix
•    Making you mine - Jo Micali feat U-Bahn & Chess
•    Under the water - Joseph Armani ft.Eugiene Nois
•    Stranger to myself - Tenishia ft Aneym

Best Video
•    Walk with me - Airport impressions
•    My Neverland - Wintermoods
•    Tears in your eyes - K.O.I
•    Who the heck is reck - Red Electrick

Best Heavy Metal Award
•    Loathe
•    Frenzy Mono
•    Memento Nostri
•    Nomad son

Best New Artist
•    For strings Inn
•    K.O.I
•    Mikaela
•    Dolls for idols

Best Male Artist
•    Glen Vella
•    Aaron Benjamin
•    Thomas Hedley
•    Muxu

Best Image
•    Chasing Pandora
•    Stolen Creep
•    Indigo
•    Red Electrick

Best Female Artist
•    Kristina Casolani
•    Mikaela
•    Eleanor Cassar
•    Claudia Faniello

Best Hip Hop/ R&B Artist
•    Kristina Casolani
•    Dimal ft Madee
•    Thea
•    Muxu

Best CD Cover
•    Argento - Wintermoods
•    These are the roots - Indigo
•    O.B.E - Frenzy Mono
•    Vine lady - Red Electrick

Best Album
•    Breaking Radio Silence - Scar
•    Vine Lady - Red Electrick
•    The Driver and the Dancer  - Chasing Pandora
•    Argento – Wintermoods

Best Song Writer
•    Ivan Grech
•    Chasing Pandora
•    Airport Impressions
•    Red Electrick

Best Website
•    www.claudiafaniello.com
•    www.aaronbenjamin.co.uk
•    www.mementonostri.com
•    www.eleanorcassar.com

Best Band
•    Chasing Pandora
•    Wintermoods
•    Red Electrick
•    Airport Impressions

Best Single
•    Walk with me - Airport impressions
•    PREETY RIVAL - Ellie & the Oscars
•    My Neverland - Wintermoods
•    Who the heck is rek? - Red Electrick

The special guest on the night will be Anthony Costa, mostly known for being part of the popular Boyband Blue. Anthony Costa is also known amongst the Eurovision Fans for trying his luck to represent the UK in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest with the song 'A Beautiful Thing' where he finished in second place behind Daz Sampson with the song 'Teenage Life'.

Tickets for the event can be purchased online from www.ticketline.com.mt, from GO Outlets and authorised dealers and Springfield (Valletta & The Point Tigne). For further details contact 79242434 or visit: www.mmm.com.mt. On behalf of ESCflashmalta.com I would like to wish all the competing acts the best of luck and may the best  ones triumph in each category. This is one of the events which fans of local music should not miss.

Source: MMA