February 18, 2020

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One of the two sections of the local music scene feature a variety of competitions in which renowned artists like to present material in but one which has indeed gained a reputable claim in recent years has surely been the 'Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza' which each and every year features some of the most talents artists to have ever graced the local stage. In a bid to bring in some feisty brand new talent, a reality show entitled 'Passport 2 Indifest' commenced on NET Television through the program 'Sas-Sitta' with the final winner getting the opportunity to compete in the established category.

The programme which is hosting this music competition is well known throughout the islands due to the fact that it won the best magazine programme and is the most watched show on Saturday afternoon. Following an initial elimination phase, nineteen (19) artists made it to the live phase with one having to drop out due to other commitments leaving the field at just eighteen (18). By today, eight (8) would have done the task and another ten (10) will headline until the end of the year.

Their performances are being judged by two resident professionals being none other than former Eurovision Song Contest representative; Ludwig Galea as well as Maria Abdilla, a Vocal Trainer. Joining them on the panel to comment and take their decisions are a number of guest judges which have included former Eurovision Song Contest representative; Debbie Scerri, former Eurosong finalist; Claire McCartin and others. The results of who will make it the next phase will be announced in due time and you can see the competitors either through this link or through our homepage. We would like to wish everyone the very best of luck.

Source: Sas-Sitta Facebook

Sunday, 29 January 2012 17:03

Malta: Tonight on 'Deja Vu'


Another Sunday evening brings an end to another cold and wintery weekend, and to put the weekend blues away, cheers to another episode of DejaVu` airing tonight, on Net TV at 8.40pm.

Last week, Luke put a bomb at his college … thus, what will be the repercussions after this ‘unthought’ thing that he did? Infact, Luke is severely blaming himself since his plan failed, but on the other hand, the student’s parents are very angry whilst Ms.Fiorini doesn’t know how to react … since her school now is under a bad name after this ‘stopped-incident’ which thankgod, didn’t work. Luke’s friends turn away from him since they are ashamed of him and having him as their friend after what happened and he, instead of calming down and accepting the fact that he had made a huge mistake, Luke even blames his loved ones.

Luke’s parents are very sad and Jacob had a lucky escape from this situation, even though the call was done through his mobile. But still, he’s not happy yet. So, why does he go and visit Beth in the evening? And what does he decide to do after he shows Beth what he really feels when he’s next to her? Why do Heather’s parents visit the Head of School and why do they want to talk to Mr.Montfort? Perheps their daughter said something unappropriate and false? And last but not least, the cherry on the cake … Josie’s father receives a letter which is worrying him a lot. What does this letter contain then?

DejaVu` is written and directed by Eileen Montesin. Part of the cast includes,  Eileen Montesin, Mary Spiteri, Francesco Catania, Nicole Muscat, Tessie Fedele, Kyle Sammut, Tanya Bonnici, Jurgen Manicolo, Daphne Zammit and Ronald Briffa.

Source: Press Release

The annually organized 'Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza' holds an extremely special place in the Maltese Cultural calender due to the fact that it has managed to become one of the most prestigious showcases in the country.This celebration of music in the national language of the country being Maltese is organized under the hospice of Media.Link Communications, known for running a number of private broadcasting entities. Within the last couple of years, the national language has been neglected on a number of occasions and this festival is one of just two music competitions in present times along with the 'Għanja tal-Poplu'. There are a number of established artists who await such a showcase noting that some of the winners in past years were; Claudette Pace, Ira Losco, Miriam Christine, Mike Spiteri, Lawrence Gray, Eleanor Cassar, Claudia Faniello and Amber. The rules for the 2012 edition were released earlier on this week through www.escflashmalta.com amongst the actual media house.

The lead up to the 'Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza' commenced quite some time ago noting that the committee agreed that they should let an artist gain access to the showcase through a musical reality television programme known as 'Sas-Sitta' aired on NET Television every Saturday Afternoon under Spiteri Lucas Entertainment. The project which has gained credibility over the past couple of weeks has been given the name 'Passport 2 Showbiz' and it has entered it's final stage with only two participants still standing, them being Simone Gauci and Marie Claire Attard Bason. The performances that they will be giving in the next couple of days as has been the case throughout the whole series will be live alongside the Spiteri Lucas Band in order to give the singers the best possible feel within the studio.

The 2011 edition of the 'Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza' featured quite an interesting set of songs actually with renowned performers such as Audrey Marie Bartolo, Mike Spiteri, Klinsmann, Janice Mangion, Deborah C, Nadine & Fiona, Marilena Gauci, Neville Refalo, and Anna Azzopardi amongst others. Two of the names finished in the top three with the second position going to a new act to the music scene being Albertine with the song 'Skont Id-Daqqa Iz-Zifna' written by Dominic Cini and Giovann Attard. 'Sas-Sitta' begins at 14:05 CET and finished at 18:00 CET with numerous games, guests and pure entertainment. Stay tuned to more about the local music competition through www.escflashmalta.com as the official collaboration goes into a third year noting that success has been achieved in recent years.

Source: Board of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, Spiteri Lucas Entertainment, La Lumière

The contemporary local music scene is on to go once more with a new season kicking in, it seems that a number of artists are preparing new releases to go along with the particular period following what has been an incredible summer filled with some astonishing local hit songs. Listeners of the most popular radio station in Malta being none other than Bay (89.7FM) are entitled to ask for their favourite tracks from the weekly play-lists and then at the end of the week, Nathan D checks out the most popular tracks during that particular week and announces them in a programme which he hosts on Saturday afternoon between half past one and half past two. Over the past couple of weeks, one could clearly note that the various genres that went up and down the chart also give a clear indication that listeners do not stick to one particular style of music and support most of the arts in singing and songwriting.

This week marks the beginning of a brand new season during the year as Autumn and Winter are set to take centre stage over the next couple of weeks and that means that there will be a change in the vibe of the general music released. For the past week, people have been asking less of one of the most notable artists in Malta, a newcomer by the name of Mikaela whose single 'Hear Me Out' now hits position number #9 having once led the local charts. The winner of the Best New Artist Award at the Malta Music Awards is clearly becoming one of the best female artists that the country has to offer and one has to watch out for her upcoming material which may prove to be deadly. Also going down at an extremely alarming pace is Ivan Filletti with his second second in a short span of months bearing the name 'Wheels'. Having established himself as one of the best male singers in Malta, he managed to climb to number #1 not too long ago but it seems that his stay in the top ten will soon come to an end.

The importance of the industry is surely based on tracks which are constantly being released and two particular ones have made the cut in this weeks' chart update actually. Party tracks have always done well on the local music chart announced weekly by Bay Radio and therefore it goes to no surprise that starting their road at position number #10 is the collaboration between Permanent State and Scott Walker with a song which goes by the title 'Call It'. As already stated, it is not the only song to enter the chart for the very first time and another collaboration, this time in the form of a duet entitled 'Feel Good Song' hits position number #8. The singers behind this track are none other than Davinia and Muxu, both of which have headlined the top of the music chart in previous weeks. We would also like to point out that there has been no track which has maintained its position over the past week noting that there is a minor mistake on the website.

Looking at the chart update, it seems that the number of songs gaining popularity are quite a lot with the first one coming in position number #6 spending it's second week in the chart. The group, Bridget Bone who released their premier single not too long ago are back with a new track entitled 'Jackie The Stripper' which features the typical elements of a rock band. They hope to keep on rising in the next couple of weeks but face competition from another band who have risen five places over the past week. I am speaking about The Crowns whose second single 'Out of Nowhere' now finds itself in position number #5. With a number of promotional events coming up, they will be hoping to garner even more airplay in the next couple of weeks. Moving upwards to the next position, that of number #4 comes the track by Andre and featuring IM under the title 'Can't Be Friends' which has been rising slowly but steadily.

The top three of the past week is quite an interesting mix of genres once more with the next song found in position number #3 coming from the renowned band Saving Alexis with the title 'High On July'. Following a number of weeks ont he chart, the two top are clearly rising to the occasion with JJoy and his track 'King of the Night' now in position number #2 leaving only one stop which is taken up by the collaboration of Carlo Gerada, Scott Walker and Chess. Their track entitled 'Never Meant' is the brand new number #1 and will definitely be trying to hold into that position for the upcoming week. We would like to congratulate all of the artists that have made it to this weeks' edition of the charts and hope that the local music industry's diversity continues over the next couple of years.

Source: Bay Radio

The music industry is still developing a particular sector in its repertoire, the one which features artists from music reality television shows such as 'Idol' and 'X Factor' and one particular individual who goes by the name of Natalie Gauci had been the winner of the former in her native Australia but when advancing deep into the competition, it was revealed that the singer is actually partly Maltese due to the fact that her father is a local. She is an incredible singer who is proving capable on different genres making her somewhat different to others.

Natalie signed a contract with Sony Music Australia following her victory and released a single entitled 'Here I Am' which peaked at number #2 in the Charts and then an album bearing the name 'The Winner's Journey' which included a number of cover versions which Natalie had done on the show. This collection of songs failed to make the elite top ten but peaked at number #11 but despite this, the record company still sought to release another album of original tracks to see how things go but due to creative differences, Natalie left seeking to come up with brand new material which she wanted to bring out.

In fact, taking up a contract with a small recording label based in Germany under the running name 'Sorry Shoes', she went onto release a digital single named 'Without You' and she is now ready to release another track with the title 'C U Later' which has been given a number of remixes including from people such as Daniel Gregorio. Natalie is coming off a successful run in the Australian charts with the song 'Dreamer' performed with the group, Tune In Tokyo. It seems that this women can break a number of difference barriers in the industry and will continue to do so. She sings so many different genres as you can see below. We would like to wish her the very best of luck with this brand new project.

Source: Sorry Shoes

Over the years, the respective local broadcasters try to put on a schedule that will attract audiences from a number of different demographics in terms of age and subject. One of the key roles of attracting viewers is surely fictitious stories which normally surrounds itself with real life situations. This is surely the case every Sunday night on NET Television where the drama musical known as 'Déjà Vu' actually airs. Throughout the past couple of weeks, it has been noted that the audiences have remained in tact and this has been proven by the Broadcasting Authority survey which has put the showcase as one of the leading productions to attract viewers on the private station.

The series in itself has introduced the viewer to a number of individuals, all of which have issues to deal with and the last episode left a number of things unanswered so to speak. One of the principle characters being none other than Josie (Eileen Montesin) was seen speaking to man outside the bar but his identity is yet to be revealed at this stage. In the meantime, she is still very much worried about the visions that she keeps on getting especially because they show her some twisted things that would happen to other people including family members.

Then again, attention is quickly turned to the Headmistress (Mary Spiteri) of the sixth form known as St.Louis' College as she faces a problem which she did not anticipate and clearly does not like. She has also been asked by the Mayor (Mark Haber) to go to Taormina but then again, there are a lot of concerns on the reason behind this adventure. One of the recently emplyed teachers is Hazel (Clare Agius) and she clearly caught the eye of two members of the faculty but then again, she will be finding different ways to treat their lust. One last note is that Sally ends up taking someone with her home noting that her parents are currently away.

Starring for yet another time this evening will be none other than; former Eurovision Song Contest representative; Mary Spiteri, Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2011 Second Runner-up; Kurt Calleja, Junior Eurosong finalist; Christine Haber and of course Former Hosts of the Malta Song for Europe, Clare Agius and Eileen Montesin. Tune into NET Television this evening at 20:30 CET, just after the news to follow the second episode of this series and you will notice when the show will be commencing as the opening theme song is none other than the song 'Déjà Vu' performed by former Eurovision Song Contest representative Olivia Lewis in the Malta Song for Europe back in 2005.

Source: Press Release

Time is always of the essence and some material which is normally viewed by the people needs to get the green light for it to succeed and it seems that the new musical drama series format is working out well with another episode of the series 'Déjà Vu' set to be aired on NET Television this evening just after the evening news. The series, produced by the well known Eileen Montesin features real-life situations which people endure putting things into a perspective. The overall flow of the series is then captivated at a point when a local song is performed by one of the cast members showcasing the true talent of the local artists.

The story is picking up quite nicely with the sicth episode featuring all of the respective storylines which have been introduced for the month couple of weeks. Last week, the viewers got to learn more truths where thigns have not been clear and this week, the first attention is given to none other than Vicky who is invited by her father to eat with him, her sister and her two children but not all works out smoothly when she would like to take them with her saying that at the end of the day, she is their mother and wants the best for them but then again, her father has to obey a court order following the fact that she has been known to go off the wagon with her drinking problem. Josie, who is her sister agrees with her although there is something going on behind the scenes, something that will be unveiled soon.

Turning attention to one of the students at college; Luke (Francesco Catania) who learns the fate of the trial that his father is inter-twined in noting that due to a mysterious case in which someone ran him over, he became paralyzed for life. It seems that the person involved in this case is none other than Jacob (Jurgen Manicolo) who is trying to live his own life at the moment by writing a letter to Sharon, the teen whom he likes a lot and is hoping that she replied back but does she really feel anything for him? It will be interesting to see how this part of the sotry will develop with a bit of teenage drama taking centre stage. In the meantime though at St.Benedicts College, Damien (Kurt Calleja) is still flirting with Sally and thus her boyfriend, Luke is not too happy about this despite never noticing that Beth (Christine Haber) has a thing for him. A number of complications in all the storylines will surely be noticed this week but all of them will be somewhat related with the visions that Josie (Eileen Montesin) has been having.

Starring for yet another time this evening will be none other than; former Eurovision Song Contest representative; Mary Spiteri, Junior Eurosong finalist; Christine Haber and of course Former Hosts of the Malta Song for Europe, Clare Agius and Eileen Montesin. Tune into NET Television this evening at 20:30 CET, just after the news to follow the second episode of this series and you will notice when the show will be commencing as the opening theme song is none other than the song 'Déjà Vu' performed by former Eurovision Song Contest representative Olivia Lewis in the Malta Song for Europe back in 2005.

Source: Press Release

Elaine Saliba & Ronald Briffa are busy preparing their lines and roles alongside Frank Zammit for the upcoming edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest which is taking place in less than a weeks' time at the Malta Fairs & Conventions Centre in Ta' Qali with a lot of high expectations surrounding our competition of prestige for the second time in a row. Nevertheless, at the twenty-four (24) semi-finalists prepare to enthuse the crowds this Friday, there is another showcase of entertainment which can be watched from the comfort of the sofa with a mug of tea or coffee in on hand and that is none other than the musical drama 'D.R.E.A.M.S' which returns for yet another airing this evening prior to taking to the stage of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest this Saturday for a medley of tracks.

Many people are somewhat in agreement that last weeks' episode was a page turner and one which got many of the viewers excited about how things will be turning out in the next couple of episodes. The most anticipated event for the sixth formers throughout the whole year took place last week with Brandon Cutajar (Jean Pierre Cassar) initially deciding to go with Jade Vella Petroni (Rachel Genovese) opting to dress up as the extremely unoriginal Romeo and Juliet but nevertheless, there was another individual whom impressed him and she was none other than Antoinette Balzan (Analise Psaila) with their relationship kicking off with a number of fireworks as they kissed near the end of the episode. Well another interesting plot which is quickly developing is that of Emma (Kayleigh Cassar) and Jake Perry (Jean Paul Carbonaro) with the latter wanting to have a relationship as the former ceases to do so. One could not forget the issues that Therese is facing as her brother-in-law, Joe (Martin Caruana) tries to bring up her past which seems to haunt her in exchange for money and help in re-uniting him with his wife, Doreen (Mariella Chetcuti Delmar).

It seems that the focus for this evenings' episode is on a number of sub-stories which have been gaining credibility and importance. It is quite interesting that Joe and his daughter, Jasmine Vassallo Grima (Rachael Tedesco Triccas) seem to be having some issues for the very first time with an accusation that he is lying despite not wanting to do so initially. There is also the matter of Emma (Kayleigh Cassar) whose imaginary friend in the form of Petra (Maria Farrugia) is turning out to be quite unhealthy giving her advice which should not be trusted or acted upon. Still, will she ever tell Jake about this ongoing problem for which it has been noted on more than one occasion that she has been given medication for. One other issue is to see where the relationship between Brandon Cutajar (Jean Pierre Cassar) and  Antoinette Balzan (Analise Psaila) will go after their very first kiss, the one they shared during the ball leading to the formation of a relationship, one which will surely be given a lot of twists and turns through the trouble that the girls will try to cause.

This television series is the original work of Evelyn Saliba La Rosa and Michael Vella Haber who in turn write the lyrics to all of the tracks performed as opposed to the music which is written by Ray Agius, the man who wrote the last two winners of the 'Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza' as well as the Maltese Eurovision entries in 1995 entitled 'Keep Me In Mind' and in 1997 bearing the name 'Let Me Fly'. A number of supporting members of the cast have stunning musical credentials including former Junior Eurovision Song Contest representatives; Nicole Azzopardi and Daniel Testa, former Malta Eurosong finalist and host; Ruth Sammut Casingena, former Sfida Contestant Rachel Genovese, performer Rachael Tedesco Triccas and the ever so stunning winner of 'ID'; Analise Psaila. Therefore don't forget to tune in to Television Malta (TVM) this evening after the special broadcast from the Maltese Parliament at about 21:20 CET for another episode of 'D.R.E.A.M.S'.

Source: Press Release, Jessica Vella De Sauveterre

Thursday, 15 September 2011 23:52

Malta: Maxine Pace in 'Io Canto'


The younger generation of the local music industry is as impressive as the older one actually noting the success that is being achieved in foreign waters. Following the return of Sarah Bonnici and Loredana Agius from a showcase within the country of Bulgaria, where they finished in first and second place, it seems that another artist will shine. The concerned young star will be none other than Maxine Pace who most recently was in Hollywood competing in a series of showcases.

The young star whose tutor is the ever so popular Priscilla Psaila (Kaya), winner of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza in 2007 and also the second runner-up at the 2000 Malta Song for Europe will be making her debut in 'Io Canto' very soon. Maxine who took part in two editions of the Junior Eurosong competition here in Malta back in 2009 and 2010 seems to be ecstatic at being chosen by the producers of the show to take part and this will make her the second artist from Malta to be selected for the popular Italian competition which features some amazing young musical prodigies within each and every series. Using social networking website facebook, Maxine stated 'Thanks for your support!! =]' The news of her entrance to the popular Italian show was exclusively published by local magazine 'Il-Gwida'.

The last edition of the programme featured none other than the talented Danica Muscat who had taken part within three editions of the Junior Eurosong as well, the first being in 2006 with the song 'Play Your Violin', in 2007 with the entry 'Stolen' where she finished as the first runner-up and then last but not least with two songs in 2008, one bearing the name 'Touch and Joy' and the other entitled 'Trust and Believe'. The singer has been maturing in her vocal abilities as also showcased through the 2011 edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza where Danica will perform the song 'Kliem Li M'Għedtlek Qatt' composed by Marco Debono and penned by Christopher Azzopardi.

Source: Facebook, Gwida

The months of summer are coming to an end and that could only mean that the annual music competition known as the 'Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza' is not too far away causing some anxiety amongst the artists as they all compete for that coveted title of becoming the winner of the prestigious event which will be celebrating its twentieth edition on Monday 19th September 2011. Last Tuesday though within the studios of Media.Link Communications, more commonly known as NET Television, the penultimate programme of 'Indifest' took place with Charles and Elaine Saliba as well as Committee Chairman Mark Azzopardi announcing the three finalists of the 'Talent Żagħżugħ' portion of the competition. In fact, in the end those who made it were Michela Dalli, Angelica Portelli and Michela Galea.

The first finalist announced was none other than Michela Dalli, the young twenty year old performer who will be taking to the stage as the first artist just after the presenters make the respective introductions. She will be performing the song 'L-Istorja Tagħna' composed by singer/songwriter Dominic Cini who most recently won the Malta Summer Hit Song Contest and penned by Keith Zammit. This will be a huge stepping stone for Michela who has managed to build good composure as a member of the 'Enkor' Choir. She was clearly ecstatic when chosen as one of the three as she could barely utter a word. Her song is in the vein of a typical local ballad which builds up emotion towards the choruses and the very end.

The second young lady to make it through to the live stage of the competition taking place next Monday on the Granaries in Floriana was a young little lady wearing a white dress and who goes by the name Angelica Portelli. The fourteen year old singer will be performing the song 'Ejjew Nieqfu' composed by Miriam Christine, a former winner of the 'Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza' and penned by Joe Chircop, a lyricist who definitely needs no introduction having penned songs which ended up being winners on a number of occasions. Angelica will be performing in slot number #2 and will be taking all of her past experiences with her on the stage especially her highlight from the Junior Eurosong competition when she took part with the song 'Dream' back in 2008. This is the faster of the three tracks and works well featuring a nice beat.

By far, the youngest competitor and the final one to take to the stage will be none other than Michela Galea who is just fourteen years old. The singer has already had a number of major experiences in local showcases including the Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest last year when she took to the stage with the ballad 'Play for Me' which suited her voice perfectly. The singer has returned to the local music scene with another ballad this time composed by Mark Spiteri Lucas and penned by Keith Zammit under the title name 'Kważi Qatt'. She will be ending proceedings within this portion of the competition and therefore leaving a mark on the viewers present at home or present within the audience. The song has a typical Maltese sound once more and builds up beautifully.