September 19, 2019

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Thursday, 08 August 2013 00:15

Malta: Interview with Domenique (KKI 12, 13)

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Domenique, second runner-up at last years' edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza has somewhat been busy in recent months, having also been a finalist within the Malta Eurovision Song Contest held at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre this February. As has been noted, the young female vocalist has already taken part in this competition but only once and thus, this will be her second participation with the track B'Ħaristna 'l Fuq composed by Mark Spiteri Lucas with lyrics by Paul Ellul. Just below, five questions have been asked by the editorial board of in order for you to get to know Domenique a little bit better.  Nevertheless, this is an interview and review with former Eurovision Song Contest representatives; Chris and Moira listening to all of the songs and passing their judgement. With regards to Domenique, they stated that 'she is giving a very good performance altogether' offering eight (8) points.

Domenique, the very first time that you took part in the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, it was in the other section which is somewhat reserved for true newcomers of the local music scene. Your entry entitled Miegħi Hemm Int was composed by Heathcliffe Balzan with lyrics by Natasha Turner. In order for one to reach the stage of The Granaries, you had to beat a number of entries and be chosen amongst the top three, in a mixture of public and jury voting. Looking back to 2010, just three years ago, how have you changed and do you cherish your debut in this particular showcase?

Looking back, I realized that certain aspects really did changed. 3 years ago I wasn't the same exact person that I am today. Experiences had changed me from within, taking it from the positive perspective. Nowadays, there is more assurance of myself so everything changes. Now I know exactly which certain styles shows the best of me regard music styles, the way in how I present my song, and also in appearance. This festival still remained in my heart because it is giving the opportunity to Maltese singers to sing in Maltese which unfortunately not many festivals around the Maltese islands allow singers to sing in Maltese, and also for the great exposure.

In last years’ edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, your entry Tama’ u Kuraġġ composed by Philip Vella with lyrics by Cher Vella reached third place, just behind Deborah C and Marilena Gauci. It is quite intriguing to point out that you all managed to get through to the Malta Eurovision Song Contest just a couple of months later denoting that the competition is definitely not a fluke and has serious implications within the industry. When you submitted this particular entry within the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, did you believe that it was the one which should be selected, especially when you had a choice of around seven entries?

Although I had seven songs last year, I believed that 'Tama U Kuragg' was one of the strongest entries that I had.

In this years’ edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, you are presenting the song B’Ħarsitna ‘l Fuq composed by Mark Spiteri Lucas with lyrics by Paul Ellul. The renowned composer is the second most successful within the frame of this competition and is coming off a victory at last years’ edition with the song Jekk Nużaw Moħħna performed by Deborah C to the lyrics of Joe Chircop. The song fits within the frame of this competition perfectly by virtue of telling a story, one which inspires people yet the public yearns to know the reason behind you working with a brand new team.

I had opportunity to work with Mark Spiteri Lucas & also with Paul Ellul on other occasions as well. I believed that this team could bring out the best in me as they have many experiences behind them which in them, they ended up being a great achievers for the fact that they always come up with a winning successful product that most importantly suits perfectly the singer.

Despite being eighteen years of age, you have already managed to make it through to the semi-final stage of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest on two occasions, the first time in 2011 with the song I’ll Follow the Sunshine co-written by Ralph Siegel as well as earlier this year with Too Little Too Late composed by Marc Paelinck and penned by Matthias Strasser. The experience of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest is considerably different than that of other local competitions but being a protagonist in two years, how could you explain it and will you try your luck in 2014?

Being in the 'Malta Eurovision Song Contest' was a great honor and achievement for me as my dream was always to end up being a finalist. The experience is indescribable. You'll end up to meet many local and also foreign song writers and from them you'll learn new experiences and many doors will open.

Would you like to say anything to our readers at

I would like to thank anybody who has been involved through out my musical career and who has been there for me ever since I began.

Last modified on Thursday, 08 August 2013 00:17