December 08, 2019

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012 17:19

Exclusive: Christabelle speaks to

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It has long been noted that successful ventures do indeed go a long way in the music industry and our premier collaboration with 89.7 Bay in an exclusive interview with Carlo Gerada proved to be quite a promising start securing support for the performer and his track My World from all spectrums of society through our portal. Therefore, we will be moving forward with the next interview focusing on Christabelle who has most recently also been featured on for the release of her new single Say which is already topping the chart in fact. It seems that things are really moving into a good direction for her especially when considering that it has all been an ascension throughout time.

Christabelle is one of the most consistent artists in the local music scene having been around for quite some time working around a variety of genres including rhythm and blues, pop and even swing noting that she is quite versatile so to speak. Nevertheless, this single has something different from anything she has released in the past and therefore holds a high personal regard to her and to her followers. The track Say managed to dethrone Paul by Red Electrick from the number #1 position following four weeks at the top as announced earlier this week on 89.7 Bay on Malta's Top Ten with Nathan D. Should you have missed the programme, make sure to visit the official page and listen to the podcast recording of the whole show. In the meantime, we had the opportunity to ask a couple of questions to Christabelle.

Each artist grows and adapts genres to particular features in vocals or even at times public perception but how has Christabelle changed over the years through her music?

Well since I started singing at a very young age, the music I used to listen to back has evolved. Since I experienced the States I feel that my music has evolved in a way that it has matured me.
Your latest single entitled Say has just been revealed to be this weeks' number #1 on Malta's Local Top Ten with Nathan D following a couple of weeks in the runner-up position because of the success of the track Paul by Red Electrick having kept the top spot for a month. How does it feel that yet again, you are leading the pack?

The track Paul from Red Elektrick is probably one of my favourite maltese tracks, infact whilst Im driving and Paul starts playing on the radio I always put the volume up hehe. To be honest It was enough of a priviledge being no 2 as at the moment there are so many new artists with a whole lot of potential and talent that even though I have been in the scene for quite a while now I always say that talent here is continuously getting better. Now that my Single Say is no 1 for it's first week Im over the moon because as I mentioned before the talent is extraordinary for such a small island, nevertheless I always have faith in the songs that I co-write and perform so I m really grateful SAY is number #1.
Many feel that your latest single is very different to what has been released in the past signally a new start for Christabelle as a performer. Have you encountered anything different in life that made you turn to this type of genre?
SAY is my 6th single which I have released and Its my favourite one of the bunch. Why? Because it's so catchy it makes you wanting to keep singing it even after the song finishes. Well at least thats the feedback Im getting from a lot of people. Its a new step towards the right direction in my opinion. The lyrics behind this track are extremely powerful and gradually the song becomes as powerful showing a bit of the aggressive side of my voice. What I really wanted to showcase most in this track is my voice. I am a very emotional singer and I tend to feel every single lyric as if it's happening at that very same moment.
You have released quite a large amount of singles in the past couple of years as you grew into the artist you have become today but will people get the chance to see you release an album sometime soon and what is the general plan for your music in 2012?
My plan for this year is definitely going to be to start working on an album, trying to incorporate my previous singles along with new ones. My other plans are that as always I love performing, trying to get to perform at a number of events and doing my best to please the crowd watching.
Source:, 89.7 Bay

Last modified on Wednesday, 20 June 2012 17:23