March 18, 2019

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Thursday, 27 October 2011 08:28

Exclusive: Dimal & Deborah C Submit Malta Eurovision 2012 Entry

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When it comes to speaking about Malta's participation into the Eurovision Song Contest, the first thing that foreign fans note is the fact that despite some amazing talent, there is a tendency to send slightly dated tracks which many believe could have potential to do well within the event but in recent months, things have been changing and last years' national selection proved this to be the case with the quality improving on so many fronts that many followers did not actually believe that it was the Maltese putting up such a final. The reason for all this was surely the fact that foreign songwriters submitted entries putting the local ones to the test in competition with them eventually edging them out in the final stages. Public Broadcasting Services led by Chief Executive Officer, Anton Attard is looking forward to another edition with a high quality production surely kept in mind. In recent days, ESCflashmalta has been bringing you the exclusives from the submissions and the latest comes from none other than Dimal whose collaboration with Deborah C has also made the entrance into the first selection phase.

We have just caught this news and bringing it to you exclusively but the interest of Dimal in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest is actually quite the story. We have chatted to the star who for those that do not know won the Best RnB / Hip-Hop artist award just last year at the Malta Music Awards. His style and genre would definitely be a first for our nation at the biggest musical event in Europe and thus, we have decided to see the story through and have found out that he alongside local singer, Deborah C who has just won the public award at the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza were contacted by former Malta Eurosong Chairperson Grace Borg about the possibility of a duet with the song being written by none other than veteran songwriter; Ralph Siegel.

Speaking to ESCflashmalta, this is what Dimal had to say 'The song was written by Ralph Siegel from Germany especially for us, but he also had some other Maltese artists who wanted to have a song from him but he refused therefore leaving our song as the only submission from him'. He went onto talk about the song saying that it 'is really fresh and has an up to date sound with a very positive message, something that Maltese needs'. He seems to be in very good spirits with very high belief in the song staying that it 'can win'. One has to keep in mind that Dimal is part Russian and part Ukrainian having been living here for five years and this could also be an interesting lobbying point.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have also been in touch with Deborah C who stated that 'this was one of the great experiences I've ever done so far' going onto add that 'working with such professional people (Ralph and his team) overseas is something extraordinary and exciting as well working with Dimal was another goal in my music carrer; he's cool in every single way, determined and an extremely hard worker! we had to learn a new  song in three (3) days time and luckily enough we managed to give an good interpretation on the recording. Moreover, I believe the song is a very catchy one and the fact that it includes some rapping parts, makes it all the more interesting and modern.' We would like to wish this team, the very best of luck as Malta's aim to send something completely different and out of the box continues.

Last modified on Saturday, 24 March 2012 12:49