17 December 2017


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Thursday, 17 February 2011 01:19

Malta: Another Contest Comes To An End

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Another Malta Eurovision came to end and the triumphant participant this year was the ever so popular Glen Vella who managed to win the contest with a minor difference of just two points ahead of the runner-up, Richard Edwards. This was Glen’s fifth participation in the contest and the third time on his own. He made his debut back in 2005 where he placed a credible sixth, in 2008 he joined forces with Pamela but unfortunately the duo did not manage to make it through to the finals. A year later he joined forces with 4 other singer; Leontine, Luca, Fiona and Pamela and together they formed the group Q where they managed to place third with ‘Before You Walk Away’. It seems that from this year on, Glen was destined for success as after his third place finish, he went a step further last year where he placed second…
Wednesday, 27 October 2010 01:01

Portugal: Who Should Represent the Nation in 2011?

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Portugal made its first appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1964, and is unfortunately one of the least successful countries currently within the competition. The best result achieved by the nation in a Final, was a 6th place dating back to 1996 thanks to the wonderful Lucia Moniz with the song “O meu coração não tem cor ”. Although some fans say that Portugal has a problem ... but what is this problem ? Yes this might be an interesting question, some say it’s about the localisation of Portugal in Europe, but this is a interesting answer because how could someone explain me how Malta managed to achieve second place more than one within the final stages of the competition and this sets you thinking even more. Others say that it is mainly about the choice of the Portuguese entries that Fans & Juries select to represent the…
Monday, 13 September 2010 10:18

Malta: PBS Need to Get a Grip

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A substantial part of the Maltese music industry is impatiently awaiting the rules for the 2011 national selection which will see another entry head on to the Eurovision Song Contest. Following another disappointing result in May, the Public Broadcasting Services which is the broadcaster of the biggest musical event in Europe, promised that change would take place and despite the expectations, the rules for the selection procedure are yet to be announced and this is quite frustrating when one notes that the selection is probably just two months away. For as long as I remember, the regulations for the biggest musical event here in Malta are announced sometime in September and despite this being an optimal time in previous years when there was only one show in February, it is definitely not optimal for when a selection kicks off in November because the artists along with their respective songwriting team…
Sunday, 08 August 2010 20:51

What comes after Eurovision?

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We all know the build up to Eurovision, for some countries, begins in December and runs for almost 6 months up until the live finals of “Europe’s Favourite TV Show”. But have you ever thought of what becomes of our treasured artists after the last set of 12/Douze points are awarded? Well, today I will give you an insight into Ireland’s National Treasure and 2010 entrant Miss Niamh Kavanagh. Firstly, as you surely know, Niamh is a member of a very select European Royal Family and was a winner of Eurovision back in 1993. Following many years being asked by RTE to come back to Eurovision, Niamh finally found the wonderful Song “It’s for you” that yet again took her to the Finals of Eurovision - something that the Irish had not been part of since 2007. Niamh’s return to Eurovision provoked lots of excitement back in Ireland, which had…
The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most important events in the musical calender and this is due to the fact that it is widely watched all over the European continent and also the world. Malta and it's surrounding Islands happen to be one of the participating countries in this event and is along with Ic eland, the most successful nation never to win the event. The Public Broadcasting Services have been working on several formats throughout the years yet the final outcome has been going from bad to worse unfortunately. The most common national selection method used surely has to be the one night gala which features a number of finalists battling it out for the coveted top prize yet in recent years, the Public Broadcasting Services has opted to make use of semi-finals and heats which in my opinion complicated the whole process. Two years ago, a…
Friday, 28 May 2010 14:20

SF 2 - Of Winners & Losers...

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Qualifying from this semi-final was always going to be hard, as it has been touted to be of a higher level than the previous one which took place on Tuesday. Where there any surprises? Of course, but in a semi-final where at least 12 entries deserved qualification, it always meant that sine entries were going to be left out. The biggest shock of the night certainly was the qualification of Cyprus, who last qualified for the Eurovision Final in 2004 where they got a top ten finish and thus won a place in the final for the following year. Cyprus presented a song, similar to the Belgian song, which won over the public on Tuesday and it seems that it also worked tonight. One must note that few predicted this entry to qualify, although through the rehearsals, the media noted that the song is a potential qualifier – the doubt…
Wednesday, 26 May 2010 01:28

SF 1 - Of Winners & Losers...

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The majority of the countries that qualified seem to come from the Eastern part of Europe with the only exceptions being Belgium, Portugal and Iceland which come from the Western part of Europe. The semi-final touted as the weaker of the two, had in store a number of surprises. Starting off with our country, Malta, Thea has gathered massive popularity amongst the Eurovision community and although she was not one of the favourites to qualify, her performance on the night made her stand out, and most of the international fan websites, along with comments from different fans along the globe believed that Thea should have made the finals with relative ease – surprisingly so Malta did not make it. The judges should have been able to elevate Malta amongst the finalists, but having countries like the United Kingdom, Ireland and Turkey who have awarded Malta high points recently not voting…
Friday, 14 May 2010 07:12

A Little Nordisk Melodi

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For the past few years the Nordic countries have consistently worked hard to provide Eurovision with a winning candidate. Sweden, first of all annually holds one of the most extensive and long running national finals, rivalled closely by Malta. Sweden also has one of the most impressive Eurovision track records as since their last win in 1999 Sweden has managed to qualify for a place in the final even after the introduction of the Semi Finals in 2004. This makes them one of a handful of countries whom have managed to have a place in the final every year for the past decade. Melodifestivalen 2010 was no exception, some of Sweden’s most loved and famous artists once again banded together for the chance to represent Sweden in Oslo. There were no outright winners or early predictions in the competition; there were of course popular songs and some good songs managing…

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